Watchman’s Update: Increase In Seismic Activity In The US

There has been an increase in earthquake activity over the last week.  Especially in Oklahoma, it has seen a swarm of quakes over the last few days.  I just did a post on this activity, click here.

What I found interesting were these reports of the recent activity.  This first one is dated Feb. 15, 2014.  It was a 3.1 in Edmond OK, and a woman reported that after this quake, her ‘home was stinking.’  Enough so that she called the gas company to report it.  She said the smell  was so strong that it woke her from a dead sleep.  They had 2 quakes back to back and after the 2nd one the smell filled the house again. (More)  This smell (sulphur) will usually occur with earthquakes.  Here is an eyewitness report from a witness of the New Madrid quake in 1811.  Notice the smell they describe.

Eliza Bryan in New Madrid, Territory of Missouri, wrote the following eyewitness account in March, 1812.

On the 16th of December, 1811, about two o’clock, a.m., we were visited by a violent shock of an earthquake, accompanied by a very awful noise resembling loud but distant thunder, but more hoarse and vibrating, which was followed in a few minutes by the complete saturation of the atmosphere, with sulphurious vapor, causing total darkness. The screams of the affrighted inhabitants running to and fro, not knowing where to go, or what to do—the cries of the fowls and beasts of every species—the cracking of trees falling, and the roaring of the Mississippi— the current of which was retrograde for a few minutes, owing as is supposed, to an irruption in its bed— formed a scene truly horrible.

That is just one account, thousands died in this quake, the Mississippi river ran backward for a period of time.  They say this is due to happen again.  Here is a map of area’s that could be affected by the New Madrid fault if it were to cause a major quake again.  Look how similar it is to sink holes, quake swarms and reports today.

new madrid

Stan Deyo has done significant research into this and his predictions are startling.  Here is a portion of his appearance on Hagmann & Hagmann last Tuesday.  It goes over what we’re seeing with these latest Swarms.  You can get his entire segment, but here is enough to get you started.

We know the warning signs, I’ve talked to people who live there that have said over the last week, they have also seen strange activity from the birds and animals in the area.  We know from the Bible that these are prophecied.  We also know that a global earthquake is prophecied in Revelation with the 6th seal.  We know the experts are undecided but many say it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’   Regardless of what you believe, even the government is saying to prepare for a natural disaster like an earth quake.  Stock up on the basics like water and dry food.  Expect it.  Prepare.  Many believe they won’t be here for the 6th seal opening, but we will be.  Take a look at this  US Navy Map that has made the rounds on the Net of projections of what the US would like like in the event of Catastrophic events.  It’s worth thinking about, it’s coming, it is.  We’re seeing prophecy unfold at a rapid rate.  Given what is happening in Louisiana and the increase in seismic activity, not only here but in the world, it’s coming.



Boomshackalacka! Sixth Earthquake Rumbles In Central Oklahoma(

Oklahoma Geological Survey records 3.5-magnitude earthquake in Edmond(

Credit to Wikipedia, Hat tip to Carol

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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