Converts From Islam Risk Everything For Christ, Would You? Convert in Algeria Risks Losing Wife, Daughter

When I see stories such as this one about a man who is going to lose everything he has, his wife, his daughter, his home, and his life, it really hits me hard.  This man is a convert from Islam to Christianity.  How wonderful.  The angels are singing and rejoicing in Heaven for this man.  He was taken to court by his wife because he converted to Christianity, and she wanted a divorce.  She tried to take his daughter but the judge did allow that he was entitled to see his daughter.   Evidently Algeria doesn’t operate under Sharia law, but the state religion is Islam, and they face heavy fines and jail time for conversions and what they consider blaspheme.

Tizi Ouzou, in northern Algeria. (Wikipedia)

Tizi Ouzou, in northern Algeria. (Wikipedia)

(Excerpt From Morning Star News)

Judge in divorce case suggests he recant in order to reconcile.

“The first question the judge asked was, ‘Now then, Mr. Touahir, what have you decided?’” the 52-year-old Touahir said. “And I answered, “Madame, what do you want me to tell you? There is nothing that has changed…”His wife, Makhtour Wahiba, then interrupted him, saying he was stubborn, he did not want to change and he wished to remain a Christian, he said.  “I then took the floor to ask my wife not to cut me off, but to let me speak,” Touahir told Morning Star News. “So I added, ‘If there is a change, it would be in my heart, which neither you nor my wife can see or understand. My faith in God is personal; this is a matter between me and God alone. ” Glaring at him, he said, the judge raised her voice in replying, “Mr. Touahir, that is precisely why your wife cannot continue to live with you under the same roof.”

Read the whole article it’s well worth the read.  What these converts like this man is facing is harrowing.  And yet they come out of the start gate with a courage that rivals the Apostles.  They are proud to stand and announce to the world their new found faith in God and the Messiah Jesus Christ.  I always ask myself the question, would I be able to do that when faced with the same tribulation they are?  Will I be able to stand tall and say No I will not denounce Christ or my faith, even when faced with death?  I also ask the question of the Christians who say we worship the same God as the muslims, then why did these people have to convert?  Why are they risking death for their new found faith in Christ, if we worship the same God?

The Christians who are involved in this Chrislam movement are doing a great dis-service to our Brother’s and Sisters coming to Christ from Islam.  They are leading many astray.  In the article above the wife accuses her husband of bringing sin into their house because he converted to Christianity.   I feel the American Church has brought sin into the house by preaching this watered down, feel good, no offense, idol worship.  They should be spending time in prayer uniting with these precious Brother’s and Sister’s instead of trying to please their persecutor’s.

Pray for these Brother’s and Sister’s coming to Christ, pray for more of them to convert.  Pray for Jesus to show himself to them.

Christian persecution is on the rise, this type of persecution is on the rise.  And it is, whether anyone wants to believe it or not, coming to America.  Will you be ready?  Will you stand tall as this man did, and proclaim your Faith?  It’s something every Christian needs to be thinking about.  It is coming here.  It’s prophesied.


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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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