Kenneth Bae Appeals to US in North Korea Press Conference


Kenneth Bae is the Missionary being held in North Korea for “Leading a Christian Plot to topple the Government of North Korea.”  Really?  He had a tour guide business and was doing tours there.  This is the man that Dennis Rodman went berserk over in his CNN interview.  And it was rather pitiful, while he was there dining and wineing North Korea’s brutal dictator, this man was suffering in prison.  Not only that but North Korea still ranks number 1 in Countries who persecute Christians.  They did the same thing with the American Vet they were holding.  Hauled him out in front of cameras and made him read an apology and released him a few hours or days later.  We can pray that they will release Kenneth Bae.  Obama continues to turn his head on Christians imprisoned in foreign countries.

The American missionary has been jailed in North Korea for more than a year.

via ▶ Kenneth Bae Appeals to US in North Korea Press Conference – YouTube.




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