Reports About Settlers Climbing The Al-Aqsa Mosque

Truth, Propaganda, or a mix of both?  You decide.


There are articles and rumors circulating that a group of Jewish settlers led by the former Temple Institute head have stormed the Temple Mount and climbed the Al-aqsa mosque.  Really?  They might have visited the Temple Mount, but climbed the Mosque, Really?  Do you know how many police surround you when you bow your head or hold your hands in a prayerful manner in any close proximity to the mosque or the Temple Mount?  These reports are emanating from such places as ‘Press TV’, (Iran) Middle East Monitor,(Palestinian), and the Palestinian Information Center.

Have you ever seen one Jew or Christian get within 5 feet of the mosque with intentions of praying or anything else that they weren’t surrounded by police?

Do you remember what happened when Ariel Sharron visited the Temple Mount?  It started the second Intifada.

In fact there is only one entrance for non-muslims (Jews & Christians) and it is the Mughrabi Gate.  Now do you really think that a mob of settlers with ill intentions let alone the intention to pray, would get past all the security in this gate?  Really?

Watch what happens when a group, Prays, and prostrates themselves in prayer.

That’s wrong, but this is right?


There are a ton of videos that portray what happens to non-muslims on the Temple Mount.  And the truth is you can’t wear a cross, take a Bible, wear a prayer Shawl, bow your heads or fold you hands even in prayer or you will be removed.  I mean really?  A mob climbs the Mosque?  This would have caused the war to beat all wars.  You decide.

But consider this, Press TV and others say that the Settlers are attacking the Mosque daily.  Now remember that Jews are not the only ones visiting there.  Tour groups are massive for the Temple Mount, thousands of Christians and Jews alike from all over the world go there.  Don’t you think that they would know something about daily attacks, in this world of instant photos and movies don’t you think there would be footage of this?  Here’s a video from Press TV you can see the propaganda for yourself. It’s from July of last year.

Again, you decide.


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