Egypt to Hamas: We’re Coming for You


(Israel Today) In a scenario Israelis would have found too far-fetched to believe just a few years ago, Egypt is set to become the Jewish state’s new best friend in the fight against Hamas terrorism.

Having finally put down the Muslim Brotherhood after its hijacking of the 2011 pro-democracy revolution, the Egyptian military has been making not-so-subtle threats against the Palestinian terror group.

Hamas is an off-shoot of and closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. When senior Muslim Brotherhood official Mohammed Morsi briefly became Egypt’s president, Hamas-ruled Gaza erupted in celebration.

The new military rulers in Cairo know that they cannot be truly done with the Muslim Brotherhood without eradicating the Hamas threat, too.

Since last summer, the Egyptian army has destroyed over 1,200 tunnels running under the Sinai-Gaza border, dealing a severe blow to the Hamas economy.Egypt to Hamas: We’re Coming for You – Israel Today | Israel News.

My Comment:  I read this and had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t a spoof.  Sure enough Egypt has had enough of Hamas, the poster child for the Muslim Brotherhood.  It was so apparent and in your face when obama was touting the muslim brotherhood as the savior of the middle east.  It was very apparent when he filled key positions in the government with those having muslim brotherhood ties.  They are not welcome in many countries in the middle east, yet we have welcomed them into our government.

Israel is “pinching itself” to make sure they are not dreaming this latest pledge from Egypt.  Egypt has destroyed some 1200 tunnels from Hamas, and they are going after them.  It has been reported that they will take it to Gaza with protests and disruptions like when they brought Morsi down.  Read the whole article from Israel Today, it’s worth it.  In the meantime, Egypt is rising from the Chaos, victorious, and are chasing down enemies.

There are still rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza to Israel, as recent as last night.  Impressive given the fact that they are part of the PA and kerry say’s we will have peace now.  Somebody should tell kerry that Israel is not the only one to give good will gestures.  We have seen nothing from the Palestinians except for hatred.  You know where they are calling for Jihad not in Syria but in Jerusalem, and calling for it now, with Abbas in the front row applauding?  Watch here.

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