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My Comment:  This photo had the caption ‘So apparently the rapture has started.’  I do not believe in the western American view of the ‘Secret ‘Rapture.  But I have to admit this is an amazing photo.  I would like to know when and where this was taken.  We all know there are portals opening, portals to the Heavens, Jesus warns of ‘Signs in the sun, moon and stars’ and that the Heavenly Bodies will be shaken.  And if nothing else gives a glimpse into what Jesus warned about that the false christ and false prophet will perform many miraculous signs like causing fire to come down from Heaven.  What do you think?  **Update**  Again I let the experts explain, Steve Quayle has many resources and research on this, he covers this in his books and web site.  Check out His books and web site, the Q Alerts are also very helpful. (More here from Steve Quayle)****


Today, Reddit user Eating_A_Sandwich posted this photograph that’s gone viral with the title “So apparently rapture has started?!”

Via Christian Post:  Full Article ‘So Apparently Rapture Has Started?!’ – Viral Image Stuns Photographer (PHOTO).

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  1. I was thinking this may also be a portal opening.Or something more angelic like.


  2. This is a photo of the day that Steve Quayle had on his website in 2012, thought it fit. The photo appears in His photo of the day with the following caption.
    “Even though darkness descends upon the U.S., Jesus is the light that shines through the darkness. He is the light of the world! ” WordPress won’t allow me to paste a photo here, but here’s the link:


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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