Dennis Rodman gets fiery with CNN

My Comment: ‘We are using Basketball as a cultural exchange.’  Hello!  What are they going to exchange, knowledge of how to execute those who disagree with the government?  How to execute people who read Bibles?   This is so pitiful, it really is.  This outrage over a simple question about the human rights violations of Kim Jong Un, is really pitiful.  Their pitiful rants and twisting statements like, ‘Oh my we don’t know about politics, we just put smiles on faces.  Hello!  Watch this, CNN actually calls him out on what he is doing.  This is one time I will have to give props to CNN.  While they are over there partying and carrying on for a despot’s birthday, the people of North Korea are being starved, tortured and imprisoned.  Way to go Dennis. This is very pitiful, and pathetic. Watch how they twist this. It made me ill.

Published on Jan 7, 2014

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman talks exclusively to CNN\’s Chris Cuomo from North Korea. More from CNN at

via ▶ Dennis Rodman gets fiery with CNN – YouTube.

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  1. Dennis Rodman ‘gave Kim Jong-un fur coat and handbag for birthday’ – and faces probe for ‘breaking US sanctions’ | 'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!

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