Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property

My Comment:  Agenda 21 rearing it’s ugly head.  This is not going away. (Watch Glenn Beck) Dave Hodges was on Hagmann & Hagmann last night discussing this.

(Excerpt From PakAlert Press/Dave Hodges) The Antelope Valley is a desolate stretch of land on the fringes of Los Angeles County. Very few people want to stay there except for a group of self-described rugged individualists. Common sense would determine that these people have discovered a place where the govt would just want to leave them alone. However, nothing could be farther from the fact. The citizens of Antelope Valley are progressively becoming the victims of SWAT team raids being performed by local code enforcement agents. These govt thugs called themselves as the Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs).

Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property




The plight of the Valley’s desert dwellers made regional headlines when county officials ordered the destruction of Phonehenge: which is a massive, colorful castle constructed out of telephone poles by retired phone technician Kim Fahey.

County officials showed up and tore down the structure and their court system sentenced the bearded retired phone company technician to 543 days in jail because he said he couldn’t afford to pay the $80,000 for the demolition of the structure and the subsequent removal of the debris. Fahey served over a year and a half in jail for nothing more than a misdemeanor. His major crime was that “he fought the man”.

Full Article via Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property | Pakalert Press.

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