History Repeats Itself: ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’

My Comment:  History is indeed repeating itself.  And yes this was done in Germany when Hitler took over.  (More)  It’s happening in so many way’s this is just one.  But it should wake up even the heaviest sleepers.

Viral Photo Shows Long Line of Connecticut Residents Lining Up to Register Guns, Ammo

Connecticut gun owners are rushing to register certain firearms and ammunition that will be considered illegal contraband in the new year.

Under a wide-ranging gun control law passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, they have until Tuesday to submit the paperwork with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

“Holy crap. Looks like Weimar Germany,” Twitter user @votermom said of the photo.

“Another disgusting picture from Connecticut . . .men waiting in line to register guns with the government,” user @chipwoods commented.

“First, they came for the guns,” @PaulRReyes added.

“Life is too short to live in a state that does this to its residents,” Twitter user @lancemfisher declared.

Full Article:  ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’: The Viral Photo Out of Connecticut That’s Giving Some Gun Owners Chills | TheBlaze.com.

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4 replies

  1. Poor Yankees. That big government their ancestors fought to save is a bad dog gone mad. Looks like they’re gettin’ bitten, now. I’ll pray for them.


  2. Thanks for the pingback. We’ll wake them up one at a time.



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