Report: Obama mocks Putin, picks gay athletes for Sochi delegation


My Comment:  This is another way to announce to the world that America has no morals, no values and show’s just how far we have slid into the pit.  They have tried to start race and discrimination riots in this country and now they are pushing for it abroad.  We are the laughing stock of the world.  I am growing very weary of the rhetoric of this man, and how he has changed all of our laws, morals and everything we stand for.  I did a search on the word diversity.  You will find a completely different meaning if you use dictionary’s from 1975.  And if you look up the root word of diverse, you find that it means ‘DIVIDE‘.  If you go to the Readers Digest Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary form 1987 you find the first meaning of Diverse listed as this:  Distinct in kind, disparate, unlike.   It also says that it’s from old French ‘divers’ Latin ‘diversus’ meaning contrary, diverse from the past, participle of ‘divertere’ to turn aside, ‘divert’.  Hello!  It’s time to wake up and take a look at what the truth is and what is being done.  They have brainwashed and pushed the American public into thinking this is good.  They set out from the beginning to divide America and the world, and remember this is their words ‘out of chaos order.’  Hence the New World Order.  So let’s just push and push evil agendas until we cause complete and utter chaos in the whole world.  And it is their mantra to humiliate and push propaganda on those who don’t agree.

Excerpt From Washington Times:

President Barack Obama sent Russia a clear message about its treatment of gays and lesbians with who he is — and isn’t — sending to represent the United States at the Sochi Olympics.Billie Jean King will be one of two openly gay athletes in the U.S. delegation for the opening and closing ceremonies, Obama announced Tuesday. For the first time since 2000, however, the U.S. will not send a president, former president, first lady or vice president to the Games.Russia has come under fierce criticism for passing national laws banning “gay propaganda.” Though the White House did not specifically address the Russian laws in making its announcement, spokesman Shin Inouye said the delegation “represents the diversity that is the United States” and that Obama “knows they will showcase to the world the best of America — diversity, determination and teamwork.” Obama mocks Putin, picks gay athletes for Sochi delegation – Washington


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  1. I am rooting for the Russians to clean our clocks at the games if they are pushing gay athletes. Obama doesn’t represent me and neither does his homosexual Olympic team.


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