While Syrian Rebels Unite For Funding To Resume, The Slaughter of Innocents Continue

This has been a hot debate here in the US and the western nations.  They have even had photo ops with the rebels to show support (more), and gave money and arms to them, and when it went sour, filled the news with the same propaganda as always.

McCain visits rebels in Syria

Oh these are the good rebels, not the bad rebels, it’s Assad that’s the bad guy here.  Then as the rebels started to unite, beheading, torturing and raping Christians and those supporting Assad, it’s back to the spin machine.  The truth is Islamists will unit, to fight for the control of the world, they will unite against a common enemy, no matter how much soap, or lipstick you put on this story, you can put it in a package with pretty paper, tie a big bow on it, and it’s still the same.  Bottom line is they funded terrorists and continue to do so.  They think they control this, they are sadly mistaken.  They have led the west straight into the 7th century and in our Bible it’s called the ‘Great Tribulation.’  Wake up.

Excerpt from Israel National News:

“Real unity between them could create a significant force on the ground, especially if backed by strong foreign funding,” he said in a report for the Cernegie Middle East Center.  However, he cautioned that “there’s little to indicate that the SRF’s creation is underpinned by any real ideological or political agenda. Instead, it seems very much to be a case of coming together against a common enemy – the Islamist surge in general and the Islamic Front in particular.”Syria: New Rebel Alliance to Rival Islamists – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

Remember recently the west announced no more aid except of course money.  This was to placate & prevent public push back.

Why are we sending money to this?  What about the refugee camps that are overflowing and people are freezing to death and starving.  Innocent women and children are facing death in these camps.  What about sending money and aid to them instead of the rebels?(More)

Chill: A youngster braces against the cold at a camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley after the first winter snows fell there this week, bringing fresh misery to the hundreds of thousands who have fled the war

I’ve heard it said that we weren’t funding them that Alqueda took over, and on and on.  Really?  Who created Al-queda?  We did, that’s right, we did when we first started in Afghanistan to fight against Russia.  Oh yes that’s true, watch here, & here. Clinton tells in her own words how we created them.  So here we are again, trying to “defeat the Soviet Union”  in Clintons words and in the process we have de-stabilized the Middle East, united these terrorists, and even funded them.  Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of Christians, and innocent people are being slaughtered.  Pray for the people of Syria, pray for our Brother’s and Sisters who are already facing this Great Tribulation, it will soon be our turn.

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  1. This is the reason it’s written the god of this world has blinded them…………..How can anyone look at such ungodliness and support it? It’s easy when Almighty God is not the center of one’s life so anything goes when there’s no commandments to go by and no morals! sin has free run and others who do the same follow suit.How sad the news we now read seems like a nightmare,yet it is happening.Even in the evil hands of wrong doers A Christians life is precious in God’s sight and they who Love him will never die in vain!.(Psalm 116:15)God Bless You for printing a hard truth to read.



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