Bloodbath as terrorists murder 70 Christians

My comment:  From everything I’m hearing this is a very serious thing and getting more serious by the day.  The world doesn’t want to hear it, but let’s pray as never before for our Brothers and Sisters in Nigeria and God’s deliverance, protection, courage and strength.

(WND)  At least 70 Christians in Nigeria have been killed in coordinated attacks by Fulani tribesmen and the Islamic jihadist organization Boko Haram.

Fulani tribesmen reportedly killed 37 Christians in at least four coordinated attacks on the same day.

Boko Haram is reported to have killed as many as 34 Christians during the same three-day period.

William Stark, Africa analyst for the human-rights organization International Christian Concern, said the recent killing “spree” of Christians in Nigeria’s northern and middle belts regions “is, unfortunately, tragic and typical at the same time.”

“Boko Haram attacks, and attacks perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen on Christians, [are] well documented in Nigeria. What is most disturbing about the attack that took place this week was the coordination of the attacks on four villages,” he said.

Stark said many leaders believe that Boko Haram and its affiliates are inciting the Fulani to attack the Christians.

The increasingly aggressive posture of the Fulani tribe is further reason for northern Nigerian Christians to be apprehensive, he said.

“It’s a fact that many Christians in northern Nigeria are forced to live in constant fear,” Stark said. “The government has proven to be either unable or unwilling to protect Christians from attacks of this nature.”

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