U.S. Marine predicted own brutal murder by ‘ally’

My comment:  This has got to stop.  Now they are talking of leaving our men and women there for 10 more years!  From Benghazi to Afghanistan to Pakistan.  This has got to stop!  Pray for our men & women stationed there.  It’s time to bring them home!  They are not allowed to properly defend themselves, they are surrounded by evil, BRING THEM HOME!

WASHINGTON — They say there is nothing more devastating than losing a child.

Imagine, then, what it must be like to have a son predict his own brutal murder, and stand by helplessly as his prediction comes true.

WND’s camera was rolling as Greg Buckley Sr. summoned all his strength and told the heartbreaking story of his Marine son’s violent death to the crowd at the “Reclaim America” rally across the street from the White House Tuesday.

Visibly shaken and struggling to keep his emotions in check, it obviously took all the willpower the proud father could muster to tell how Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. was shot to death by a supposed ally – one of the Afghans the U.S. military is assigned to train and protect.

Buckley Sr. recounted how his son, safely stationed in Hawaii, volunteered in March 2012 to replace an injured buddy slated to go to Afghanistan.

The Marine was sent to Forward Operating Base Delhi, and it quickly became apparent that all was not well there.

When Buckley Jr. predicted his own death, his father could not understand: The Marine should be safe because he was not on the battlefield.

But his son would explain why he felt being on the base with the people he was supposedly there to protect was so much more dangerous than being in combat.

‘You don’t understand how bad it is here’

The Marine told his father about training the Afghan police and described their chief as “a bad guy.”

“They’re going to kill me here,” the son told his father. “They’re going to murder me inside my facility. These people are bad people, Dad.”

“You people don’t understand how bad it is here,” he explained. “They don’t care about us. They don’t want us here. They said it to me. But we have to do what we’re told to do because we’re Marines.”

Buckley Jr. described how he how he wasn’t scared about fighting; he was scared about being murdered at night while he was sleeping.

“They’re not normal people, and we shouldn’t be here. We’re serving no purpose. We’re being lied to. They’re telling us one thing and it’s a whole other agenda. They have their reasons for us to be there. And as soon as we stand up and say something, they make us disappear,” the son confided to his father.

Deadly premonition

A few weeks later, the Buckley family received a goodbye letter from the Marine.

He thanked his parents for everything they’d done for him and told his two younger brothers to grow up to be great young men and always to do the right thing.

A few days later, the Marine was dead.

Fifteen months later, Buckley Sr. said the family still hasn’t received a report on the incident from the Marines.

The Marine Times reported, “Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, 29, Cpl. Richard Rivera, 20, and Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley, 21, died Aug. 10, 2012, after an attacker opened fire on them with an assault rifle at a base gym. A fourth Marine, Staff Sgt. Cody Rhode, sustained five gunshot wounds, including one that shattered his elbow, according to a Marine Corps news release. They were all members of a police advisory team attached to 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, out of Camp Lejeune, N.C.”

‘Tea boys’

The accused shooter is in custody, but Buckley Sr. strongly believes the real culprit is an Afghan police chief who is not facing any charges.

Buckley said that man was involved in prostitution of young boys, called “tea boys,” drugs and the Taliban, but the U.S. military allowed him to be inside the base.

“Tea boys” are part of a child-molesting cultural tradition in Afghanistan WND has reported on called bacha bazi, or “boy play.”

WND military expert Michael Maloof reported, “In the practice of bacha bazi, boys ages 9-17 are dressed up as women to dance for leering Afghan men who then use the boys for sex and make them their property. Sources say that the dancing boys are, in effect, sex slaves owned by Afghan police, diplomats and wealthy drug lords.”

“It’s a disgusting practice. … It’s a form of slavery, taking a child, keeping him. It’s a form of sexual slavery,” Radhika Coomaraswamy, U.N. special representative for Children and Armed Conflict, told PBS’s “Frontline.

The U.S. State Department has called the Afghan practice of owning “dancing boys” a “culturally sanctioned form of male rape.”

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