Campers Already Staking Out Black Friday Bargains

Long lines are becoming a common sight even a week before Black Friday sales. (Getty Images)

You know, I used to get caught up in the race for bargains to an extent.  I watched horrified these last years as a mob actually caused the death of a security person by bringing a door down on top of him and then just raced on in to the chaos and didn’t even help.  Stories like this abound with this so called ‘Holiday’ season.  Watching this it’s easy to see that people are more concerned with money and material things than they are with God, Jesus or salvation.  While I watched a video of ancient pagans and their rituals and chaotic frenzy on this, their holiday then it went to Europe and how the drunkenness, and celebrations resembled the pagans it really hit it home to me.  Take a look at all the ‘Christmas’ celebrations and parties that are nothing but drunken brawls.  Parties that support adultery, idol worship, and yes even Pagan rituals.  Did you know that mistletoe is a pagan fertility ritual?  I didn’t until recently.  I am shocked.  If it was announced that Jesus was in these places and was handing out free salvation and grace, do you think people would still be camping out to see Him?  I doubt it.  Instead they have been offered the world and it’s wares by satan, and they are taking this instead of pushing it away.  Take a look at the excerpt below, and tell me that this is what we are to concern ourselves with as we are ‘supposedly’  worshiping and honoring the birth of our Savior.  Then watch the video I spoke of earlier.  And before you roll your eyes at me, really, really watch.

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Want to be first in line for those doorbuster specials on Black Friday? You may already be too late.Campers have already been lining up outside some big box retailers, hoping to cash in on holiday  bargains.Jim Alooh pitched his tent on Monday to be first in line outside a Best Buy in Cuyahoga Falls.Campers Already Staking Out Black Friday Bargains « CBS Cleveland

Now watch this, isn’t this a season of Love, Mercy & Grace?  A season of celebrating hate, greed, and chaos, maybe, but not of our Lord’s birth.  Really look at this.

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  1. Well, I say combat satan in the strength of Christ in prayer and fasting before this! The redneck in me as a preacher of the gospel ole time style would ……..want to know the rest email…..I don’t want give any ideas…..God bless


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