A Must Watch for those Awake & Watching: Paul McGuire On THE Hagmann AND Hagmann Report

This is a lengthy video but well worth it.  You will want to listen to Paul McGuire.

Published on Oct 30, 2013

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▶ Paul McGuire On THE Hagmann AND Hagmann Report 10 30 2013 0 – YouTube

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  1. Listening to Mr McGuire on the Hagmann and Hagman show 5/15/14 he speaks of the mark of the beast as being a given that it is a microchip implant. It may or may not be. It is a convenient assumption given the Scriptures and the technology a chip would contribute to their fulfillment. However, it may not be a chip at all. I’m not saying it won’t be but, the Scriptures do say “mark.”

    Mr.McGuire speaks of “the fight” we must all be engaged in while poo pooing those who would rather fight evil in themselves and the Church, leaving the world (dead) to bury it’s own dead. Yet he fails to explain how this “fight” should be manifested by the body of Christ. As I recall, Jesus gave us one job to do until He returned: Go tell the world He payed the penalty for everyone’s wrong doing. Tell them it’s a free gift and if we accept it we will have eternal life. Nothing more. As for the “fight”? Jesus turned the money changers tables over in the “Temple” (The Church) not the Roman government. We need to fight evil in the body of Christ, not the world. I don’t recall the Apostles or any disciples marching in the streets shouting out the evil of their fellow citizens. And they weren’t protesting Roman law to have it changed to conform to God’s law. In fact, in the New Testament the only talk about the sin in the world was among the believers themselves or ones who were actually gathered together to hear the Word.

    Our fight is not with flesh and blood and it is not a fight with the world. It is a fight in our very own ranks. We win souls by spreading the truth of His gift so they can help us fight the fight in the Church not a secular government.



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    You’ll be glad you listened to this show!


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