Food stamp cuts create high demand for food bank supplies

Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My comment:  I don’t think this was due to anything but the socialist elites plans.  This is coming before the holidays by design.  They found out that if they push the button on the food stamp program, there will be chaos.   Henry Kissinger who is a huge proponent of the New World Order said “He who controls the food, controls the world.”


(USA Today)  Food banks across the country, stretched thin in the aftermath of the recession, are bracing for more people coming through their doors in the wake of cuts to the federal food stamp program.

Food stamp benefits to 47 million Americans were cut starting Friday as a temporary boost to the federal program comes to an end without new funding from a deadlocked Congress.

Under the program, known formally as the Supplemental Nutrition and Assistance Program, or SNAP, a family of four that gets $668 per month in benefits will find that amount cut by $36.

“It may not sound like a lot but to a person like me, it is,” says Annie Crisp, 30, a single mother of two girls in Lancaster, Ohio. “It’s not just a number.”

She says she received a little less than $550 a month in food stamps and now will receive $497. Crisp, a babysitter who brings home about $830 a month, says the food stamps help her buy her family fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.

Crisp worries now that she may end up trying to supplement her family’s groceries by going to a food bank or cutting into her electric or gas money for the month. The cut, she says, also means she will have to buy more canned fruits and vegetables, forgoing her daughters’ favorite fruit, kiwi, and buying packaged meat.

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  1. I have a phone call weekly from the food bank,and have never heard from them before…..these are the days people need to come up with new ways of not leaning towards what their used to (Brand names) and maybe buying food from discount places…….believe it or not some of the discounted food stores offer better tasting food.My husband and I have been stocking up on foods like tuna,pretzels,canned chicken all of which have a longer shelf life.We don’t know what the government is cooking up next to take us off guard…Best to be prepared.Always expect the unexpected.Blessings.



  1. Food stamp cuts create high demand for food bank supplies Prepper Podcast Radio Network

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