‘Grown men began to weep’: Wounded soldier awakens in hospital to make ‘salute seen around the world’

My Comment:  May God wrap His healing and loving arms around this brave man, and his family, provide comfort, healing, strength and courage.

(US News NBC)  A salute by an Army Ranger — hospitalized with serious wounds after a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan — is warming the hearts of many people after being posted online.

Cpl. Josh Hargis’ commander was at a military hospital awarding the seemingly unconscious soldier a Purple Heart for his injuries, pinning the medal to the blanket covering him.

And that’s when Hargis surprisingly raised his arm to salute — struggling with his doctors and medical tubes to do so.

The commander sent a picture along with a letter about the incident to Hargis’ wife, Taylor, writing that “grown men began to weep” at the sight of the salute.

The commander added that it was “the single greatest event I have witnessed in my ten years in the Army.”

Hargis was wounded Oct. 6 when an Afghan woman detonated a suicide bomb vest, killing four members of his 3rd Army Ranger Battalion and wounding 12 other American soldiers, according to a report on the website of the soldier’s hometown newspaper in Ohio, the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Taylor Hargis posted the picture along with the note on Facebook Oct. 12, where it has been shared more than 4,000 times. The story and picture were also distributed on the Guardian of Valor website, which called the picture the “the salute seen around the world.”

Read more:  ‘Grown men began to weep’: Wounded soldier awakens in hospital to make ‘salute seen around the world’ – U.S. News

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  1. This comment is not to subtract from the heroic bravery & sacrifice of this young soldier, & many others who have died or were likewise wounded in Iraq, & now Afghanistan! I pray that God will heal & restore him, & bless his family also!

    Ever wonder why we are in Afghanistan? Are they defending our freedom? Here we are broke & fighting a very costly war half-way around the world! Well, just raise the debt limit & kick the can down the road. The Russians were smart when they gave up & left in 1980.

    ~Drgold http://drgoldsite.wordpress.com


  2. I saw this morning.What a beautiful sight to prove God works still in our lives!.God Bless this family and this website of God’s truth.



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