Christians: how far will you let it go?

My Comment:  Amen!  It’s time to re-light the flame for the ‘Shining City On The Hill.’


Text By Bill Wilson:  Despite what the occupant of the Oval Office says, America is still considered a Christian nation–at least by population. Some 80 percent of Americans say they are Christian. That means that no matter how many doctrinal axels they are wrapped around, Americans believe they follow Christ, they are disciples of Christ. Somewhere among all the false doctrines and self indulgent teachings, there is the light of Christ shining. It means that a significant amount of Americans ought to know the truth and be seeking it. If that be the case, somewhere beneath that hardened shell called Church, there ought to be an army of truth and life. So concerning our country, Christians, how far will you let it go?

As Christian Americans we have a rich tradition of doing what is right. For centuries, we used the Bible as our foundational premise for conducting our lives, our businesses, our jobs, our government. Many who did not profess Christ still knew that the Bible was the basis for a productive and successful life–it was because of the shining examples that they saw around them. This was long before the prosperity gospel or the progressive prophetic movement or any of the self indulgent “God loves you” infatuations. It was based off of Christ and him crucified giving us the grace and mercy to live life the way he told us to and by the example he set. Christian or not, people saw it and were accountable to it.

Today, we are staring in the face of the greater evil. Our nation is falling to godlessness. Society has reached a critical mass where the Christ people see in us is despised. It is coming to past in our present day what Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:9, “you shall be hated of all the nations for my name’s sake.” Yet it seems that if Christians are still the mass majority of this nation, we should be able to hold people accountable to what is right; hold our government accountable to the foundational economic and moral principles of the Holy Scriptures; and make disciples through our relationships and by our actions. But it appears that we have lost tremendous ground for the kingdom in this country.

As I look at the landscape, both politically and economically, I see the darkness rolling in like a fog over the mountains. Good Christian Americans feel helpless to do anything about it. From those deceivers in the pulpit who preach that we are not to be involved with our nation to those who teach that we are an island of Christ in his blessings, they are missing the point entirely. We are to be salt and light. We are to make disciples. And in this country, if we do what Christ called us to do, our government will reflect that. We need to read the scriptures. We need to ask the Holy Spirit for direction and boldness. We need to be an Ephesians 6:13 people, putting on the full armor of God, “and having done all to stand.” We need to ask ourselves, how far will we let it go?

Have A Blessed And Powerful Day,

Bill Wilson

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