Israel Warns US Against Cutting Aid to Egypt

My Comment:  This is very interesting in so many ways, the most blatant being that now they want to cut aid when the Muslim Brotherhood has been thrown out.  And why would they try to dismantle the ‘Peace Accords’, except of course to institute his (obama’s) own agenda, and plans.

(Text by Israel Today)  Despite ongoing problems between Israel and Egypt, the Jewish state is warning Washington that cutting financial aid to its neighbor is a mistake that will not advance the interests of either America or Israel.

Last week, the Obama Administration decided to cut at least part of the more than $1 billion America sends to Egypt annually as part of the 1979 Camp David Accords that brought peace between Israel and the land of the pharoahs.

Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter und Anwar Sadat i...

Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter und Anwar Sadat in Camp David (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But that might only add fuel to the arguments of some that Egypt should cancel the peace treaty with Israel.

“You cannot disassemble the peace treaty and take out this part or that part,” an Israeli government official told The New York Times.

The move could also backfire by enflaming tensions inside Egypt, rather than calming the situation, as the White House believes.

Lastly, the cut is almost certain to further damage America’s already mangled reputation in the region. “If America is seen to be turning its back on Egypt, an old ally, how will it be seen? People will see it as the United States dropping a friend,” said the official.

Read More:  Israel Warns US Against Cutting Aid to Egypt – Israel Today | Israel News

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  1. The US dropped it’s friend by being behind the removal of Mubarak a big mistake as he was Israel’s only friend in the region.



  1. Israel Demanded the US not to cut aid to Egypt | True World Intelligence News (TWIN)

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