Drama students rehearse play about bestiality, pedophilia

My Comment:  How far are we going to plunge!!??  There are dark forces indoctrinating our children.  The drama teacher told the Kid’s not to tell their parents.  HELLO!

Cactus Shadows High School (Source: CBS 5 News)


High school plays can push boundaries, but a play in rehearsal at Cactus Shadows High School may have gone a little too far.

“To me, the play read like a porn script. It seemed that it was just meaningless and incessant blather, until you got to the really good parts,” said one parent.That parent, who wished not to be identified, said he got wind of the play after his son brought him the script over the weekend.”The further into the script I got, he started pointing out parts that he (his son) was uncomfortable reading,” the parent said.  It would be difficult for any high schooler to read any portion of the script for The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia, due to its extremely sexual nature.”There’s several bestiality scenes. There’s scenes where they talk about one of the friends of the main character, a female, having sex with dogs,” that parent said.

Read the rest:  Drama students rehearse play about bestiality, pedophilia – CBS 5 – KPHO

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