Brazilian Center for Law & Justice Starts New #SaveSaeed Campaign


Translation from picture) – “Do Your Part, Participate”

By Filipe Coelho

As the director of the CBLJ, the ACLJ’s international affiliate in Brazil, I was recently working with our team on a new public advocacy campaign when the idea came up. We created a new campaign for Pastor Saeed Abedini who was arrested over a year ago in Iran for being a Christian.

The campaign is very simple and effective. Christian leaders, leaders from the government, and people all over the world take a picture holding a sign saying FREE SAEED or SAVE SAEED. The campaign started two days ago and the response from leaders and people in Brazil has been amazing. Many influential leaders have taken their pictures and posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites.

Pastor Silas Malafaia who is today the most influential Christian in Brazil was one of the first to participate. Also participating is Pastor Everaldo Pereira who is the President of the Social Christian Party and is running for President in Brazil in 2014. Also participating are Dr. Silmar Coelho, Apostle Ezequiel Teixeira, Pastor Josué Gomes, and Christian singers PC Baruk, Raquel Mello, and Nani Azevedo, all very influential names in Brazil. Below are some pictures of leaders who participated:

@PastorMalafaia participa da campanha #savesaeed via @CBLJbrasil

Filipe Coelho

Pastor Silas Malafaia (Most influential Christian leader in Brazil)

Pastor Everaldo Pereira (President of the Social Christian Party and running for President in 2014)

Doctor Marisa Lobo (defends family values in Brazil)

Dr. Silmar Coelho (Pastor and International Speaker, author of many best sellers and very influential in Brazil)

PC Baruk (famous Christian singer)

Source: ACLJ

Let’s ALL join in this CAMPAIGN for Pastor Saeed Abedini! Send us your photo holding the sign to with FREE SAEED in the subject line. Remember to include your first, family, or group name and the State, or country you live in. You can also post it on our Facebook page here. You may include others in your photo if you like, such as a group shot with everyone holding the sign. We will join them by sharing here, our social media sites, other blogs, websites and with our dear sister, Naghmeh Abedini, Saeed’s wife.

This would be very encouraging for Naghmeh to know we are still in the fight to help save her husband and father of her young children! It won’t take much of your time, but will be a blessing to this family. Get those camera’s out and be Saeed’s VOICE! Please share with others and get them involved.

Thank you and may our Lord bless and guide you!

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  1. What a wonderful idea!!!! Thank you sister. I will be sending you a picture.


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