Welcome to Tantrum-ocracy: Obama Shuts Down Ocean


My Comment:  Yes this is true, read this from the Miami Herald.  This will only get worse.

(Text by:  Political Outcast)  Every time you think the Obama Administration has gone as low as it can go, they unveil another layer in the vain, vapid and childish onion that is the Executive Branch under Barack Hussein Obama.

In a move that is being driven by monumental hubris,  the Obama Administration has informed Florida charter boat operators that they are not allowed to take customers fishing in the Florida Bay until the feds get back to work. The Park Service has verboten use of 1,100 square miles or prime fishing between the tip of Florida to the Keys.

They’ve prohibited access to the ocean.

Heck, why not the air? There’s air in those national parks that belongs to the federal government — not the people, the government.

It’s been clear since before it started that the shutdown was just theater and that Obama would try to make it as painful as possible for us little people.

We’ve seen this with the closing of national parks, the barricading of national monuments. The images of elderly WWII veterans being blocked from visiting the memorial dedicated to them has angered people across the country.

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  1. Reblogged this on Newjerusalemcoming and commented:
    This comment was posted at the Miami Herald site where the article is located;
    Kash Ramsdale · Olympia High School

    Boy you need to get a clue it is Obama that is ordering the shut down of the Florida waterways. He is spending more money to shut down these areas than he would if he left them open. He is acting like my three year old daughter stomping his feet and saying if you don’t do it my way I take all my toys and go home. The big problem with that is that the toys in this case do not belong to him they belong to we the people. You morons that support him are subjugating your self to total government control. Oh wait you already do. As 90% of you who voted for him are more than likely on the government dole in one way or the other, and don’t like any one that wants to take away your handouts and force you to take personal responsibility. · October 5 at 8:01am


  2. Hey, I’m not little; I many be short, but I’m not little 🙂 Well, now what did we expect when the pacifier fell out of baby’s mouth onto the floor? We get more loud silent cries(things done behind the scenes) and kick some more and the attitude if I don’t get what I want when I want I’m not going to share “MY” national parks, beaches, etc… with ya all. I’ve had my rants on this admin. and I am past headache, amazed stage: I’ve taken so many advil’s at times that now have shiney dome over me head that when “he” does something stupid (I don’t mean something serious like Syria) I have to laugh (or go nuts) and the issue slides over me head like water down a duck’s back. It’s taken me 3 days to get back to this article’s (one my favs you’ve done ) cuz I keep laughin so frggin hard at his audacity! Joy is good for the soul and does a body good! I know you are serious and I appreciate your dedication sister(You know this). If, I did not numb my self to most of what this admin. does with the “stupid ” stuff (my term no reflection on any other person) I would not have the energy or brain power to handle their “wish list” world domination and his “deity” identification crisis. With that said, Christ is the King and Lord and we know what the Outcome is and satan has no power over those are in Christ. Love you all and God bless.


  3. This is so ridiculous! How can the Everglades
    And beaches be shut down… They have the money to patrol the beaches and ALL the Everglades now so they can arrest anyone who steps foot into a swamp. So they can’t Afford to have a few scattered employees but they can hire guards to protect the grounds? It makes no sense. They all made money on it anyways so it’s like the government is really giving us a punishment instead of actually saving money.


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