Meteorological Images of September 2013

My Comment:  We all know something is not right with our weather, Colorado and Mexico are just 2 of the catastrophic weather events.  Click on the link at the end to see the rest of the image.  This is very strange.  ‘There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.’  ‘The heavens shall be shaken.’  We are seeing some very powerful signs.

Monstrous Ridge

(The Weather Channel)  Alas, September 2013 was a devastating month, with severe flooding in many places including parts of the U.S., Mexico, China and Russia, and a deadly typhoon in China. There was also good news, with a remarkable lack of activity during what is usually the peak of the hurricane season in the Atlantic.

That is all represented by my picks for the latest edition of compelling meteorological images, starting here with one in which, although a technical meteorological diagram, you don’t need to be a meteorologist to see that something sticks out like a sore red thumb, and unfortunately it had painful consequences.

A flood disaster on a much larger geographic scale occurred in Russia and China, especially areas along the Amur River. The top image is the river in August 2012 at a normal level during late summer, and the bottom was on Sept. 8, 2013.

Russia/China Flood

And yet another flood disaster from extreme rainfall during September 2013, this one in Mexico from Hurricane Manuel at various stages of its life on the country’s west coast and a contribution by some moisture from Tropical Storm Ingrid on the Gulf of Mexico side.

That was tragically ironic, given the juxtaposition with a massive area of extremely dry air as shown by the dark shades on this satellite image.

Extremely Wet and Extremely Dry

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