Is This War In Syria & The Middle East, A War Of Biblical Proportions?

300px-Icon_second_comingSo much debate has taken place over the war in Syria, and the middle east, it seems the whole of the middle east is on fire.  The west is funding and backing the Syrian rebels who are tied to Al-Queda, Assad’s forces are backed by Iran who is backed by Russia and China.  This is the least that we can take away from this mess.  But if you start digging deeper, it becomes clearer what is going on.  Kerry say’s that the Arab Nations will fund this war, so some of what is in this video is true.  You begin to see a picture of a proxy war.  And it’s beginning to unfold as what it really is.  A Holy war of Biblical proportions and it appears the Powers that be are orchestrating the whole thing.  It is as in Ezekial 38:13 ‘Have you come to plunder?  Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?’ 

I just did a post that describes Russia’s plight with oil reserves, we know our dependence on foreign oil, and let’s not forget Russia’s plans for a push to the mediteranean.  As laid out in the book by Vladimir Zhirinovsky called ‘The Final Thrust South.’  Here is the post I did on that. (The picture below is Putin and Zhirinovsky, he is still very much part of Russia’s Duma)


I am beginning to see that the Ezekiel 38 war, the wars of the Kings of the North, and the Kings of the South in Daniel, the wars in Revelation and Jesus’ warning about wars and rumors of wars are all coming to a head in this particular slot of time.  Don’t forget what the Shia and Sunni’s believe about the time of the end.  They both believe that the Mahdi is coming they just can’t agree on certain aspects and who the Mahdi will be.  I will include the video ‘The coming is upon us’ also.  It’s not hard to see what times we are in.  The ‘powers that be’, whether they are the illuminati, or any other secret group are tied with Satan, and he knows his time is short, and he is pulling his kingdom together just as God is pulling His together.  This will culminate in Revelation 10:7  ‘But in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, the mystery of God would be finished; as He declared to His servants the prophets.’  And we are very, very close.  The 6th trumpet is unfolding before our eyes, the 6th seal is about to unfold with global destruction and chaos.  The watchmen are sounding their warnings, why is no one listening?

Here is the excerpt from Israel National News along with the video, the article was titled “Video reveals key Iranian role in Syrian Civil War”.

The first piece of footage was aired by the BBC on Friday, and showed armed men on the ground, speaking fluent Farsi (Persian), directing military operations and engaging in battle. Experts branded it the “most significant evidence yet” that Iranian forces were playing a direct role in fighting Syrian rebels.But an even more remarkable clip has been shown by the Dutch Nieuswsuur TV channel, which gives an in-depth glimpse into the activities of Iranian troops on the ground in some of Syria’s front-lines, as they train, coordinate and fight alongside pro-government militias.

So knowing this, can you see?  Can you see what is happening?  Here is the video from my post ‘My notes on the Coming Is Upon Us, Should We Be Worried?’

Are you still doubting?  By this time you should be on your knees preparing your heart, mind , soul and body for the return of Christ.  ‘He’s Coming, He’s Close, Can you feel Him?’

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  1. I was just reading Revelation 10 last night! Interesting that I read this today.



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