Archbishop urges Christians to ‘repent’ over ‘wicked’ attitude to homosexuality

My Comment:  The church is divided?  Christians should repent for being homophobic?  Hello!  You don’t rethink the Bible just to fit the popular sin of the day!  Homophobic?!  It’s a sin, pure and simple!  I don’t hate homosexuals, but they are living in sin, and it is wrong.  Period.  There is no re-thinking it, and this is just more of the Great Falling Away prophesied in the Bible, can you say FALSE PROPHET?

The Most Rev Justin Welby told an audience of traditional born-again Christians that they must “repent” over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated in the past and said most young people viewed Christians as no better than racists on the issue.

Archbishop Welby, who as a young priest once opposed allowing gay couples to adopt children, said the church now had to face up to what amounted to one of the most rapid changes in public attitudes ever.

While insisting that he did not regret voting against same-sex marriage in the House of Lords, he admitted that his own mind was not yet “clear” on the wider issues which he was continuing to think about.

And he admitted that, despite its strong official opposition to allowing same-sex couples to marry, the Church is still “deeply and profoundly divided” over gay marriage.

The Archbishop, who comes from the evangelical wing of the Church, which takes a more traditional interpretation of the Bible, publicly opposed the Government’s Same-sex Marriage Act while it was being debated earlier this year.

But he told the General Synod in July that the strength of feeling he encountered in support prompted him to reassess his own beliefs and urged them to face up to a “revolution” in attitudes on sexuality.

Yet his comments, at a meeting to dedicate a new headquarters for the Evangelical Alliance, an umbrella group representing hundreds of thousands of Christians, are by far his most outspoken intervention on the subject so far.

Noting the fact that it is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, he urged Christians to speak out about what they are in favour of rather than simply what they are against.

He praised the Alliance’s work tackling social problems by promoting food banks, working in social care or recruiting adopters and said that it was time for the Church to make “an alliance with the poor”.

But he went on: “One of things that I think is most noticeable where we make a bad impression in society at the moment is because we are seen as against things, and you talk to people and they say I don’t want to hear about a faith that is homophobic, that is this that that, that is the other.”

Asked later whether this meant that he regretted voting against gay marriage, he said he stood by his vote because he did not believe “rewriting the nature of marriage” was the best way to end discrimination against gay people.

He said: “The Bill was clearly, quite rightly, trying to deal with issues of homophobia in our society and … the Church has not been good at dealing with homophobia … in fact we have, at times, as God’s people, in various places, really implicitly or even explicitly supported it.

“And we have to be really, really repentant about that because it is utterly and totally wrong.”

He added: “That discussion [about gay marriage] is continuing and the Church is deeply and profoundly divided over the way forward on it.

“I am absolutely committed not to excluding people who have a different view from me, I am also absolutely committed to listening very carefully to them.

“We are not going to get anywhere by throwing brickbats at each other.”

He went on to describe the shift in public attitudes to homosexuality as one of the biggest social changes of recent history.

via Archbishop urges Christians to ‘repent’ over ‘wicked’ attitude to homosexuality – Telegraph.

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  1. K……………You are right on in every single thing you said.God Bless You for the word of truth that was spoken by you!!!!


  2. This man is NOT preaching the Bible. As a Christian, I can love a person but HATE the sin. The Bible says it is a abomination to be homosexual and perform UNNATURAL sexual behavior! My God is a Perfect God. I follow the Bible, not mans interpretation! The Bible also WARNS us about those that will twist HIS words but their own belief! Although I have plenty of personal reasons for repenting…….my belief on homosexuality is not included! This plain ordinary man needs to repent and step down and another chosen to preach what the Bible says! Beware of false prophets!


  3. oh please! apologize for what? the truth? i dont think so!


  4. Telling Christians to repent and calling them wicked, and stating this publicly too! We are called to stand for the truth, show people the love of Jesus, lead them to the light of the world the One who is Saviour. How is this wicked? We have already repented and stand in Christ covered by His blood. This man appears to be a wolf in sheeps clothing, jumping on the politically fashionable band wagon. His comments are deeply divisive and will fuel the fire for the acceptable and growing hostility towards Christians in Britain, and the gathering darkness of the gay agenda. I want to shout at these people, choose life, choose Jesus! This world will pass away think of your eternity!


    • Good for you, Anne.


    • The Lord works in strange ways. I arrived at this site by trying to find what St. Thomas said about anger. One of the tings he said was that not expressing anger toward wickedness is a sign of weakness. My next question was whether the Church regarded homosexuality as wickedness. Which brought me to this site here, where it was said by this Archbishop: “The Church is still ‘deeply and profoundly divided’ over gay marriage.” Really!!? Brothers and sisters: This could not possibly have been said in the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, we have had our terrible, terrible faults, but sinful action by mortal men — chiefly, by our homosexual priests — has been our falling. Our teaching has not failed us. It is truly astounding for me, an American who does not regularly follow the goings on of your Church, to hear that your Church is “deeply and profoundly divided” over gay marriage. Reject this falsehood with all the righteous anger you can muster. How can it be that what was until recently a crime against nature can now be celebrated as the consummate act of Holy Matrimony? Stay faithful to Christ.


      • Amen David. I wholeheartedly agree. The scriptures have not failed, Jesus said ‘Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never pass away.’ The Apostles warned of these day’s ‘In the latter day’s we will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.’ That’s what we are witnessing. We must stay the course and stay faithful to Christ and the Gospel. Thank you, and welcome.


  5. God doesn’t take public opinion polls to make up his mind or his commandments. A double minded man is crooked in all his ways.


  6. Real believers will not hate gay people or any one else, but they will tell the truth of the Bible, which clearly speaks that homosexuality is a sin. He definitely is a false teacher, maybe even homosexual himself. I do not wish to offend anyone, but the catholic church is full of gay priests.


  7. He is supposed Lead…lead people away from sin…NOT toward sin. Perhaps his Bible deleted Ezekiel chapters 3 and 33.


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