Egypt crisis: Cairo mosque ‘cleared’ after siege

My Comment:  So the brotherhood was banned in 1954, and obama & the rest of the world helped to put them in power in Egypt.  obama came onto the world scene with a coveted ‘Peace Prize’, was elected in 2008,made a trip to Cairo to form a covenant with the muslim world there, apologizing, and claiming peace, then in 2011 all out chaos and war enveloped Egypt, removed a leader.  So the first 3 years of his presidency started out with chaos and war, and the 2nd three years are seeing total chaos and war in the middle east.  It’s seeing Russia and China join forces against us, and WW3 threatens just around the corner.  Tell me he is not part of the great tribulation we are witnessing!

All the protesters have now been taken out of the mosque, and many have been arrested, security forces say.

The confrontation at the al-Fath mosque continued for most of Saturday – with exchanges of gunfire between security forces and protesters.

Meanwhile the interim PM has proposed legally dissolving the Brotherhood.

The group supports the ousted President Mohammed Morsi, and wants him to be reinstated.

Despite being closely allied to Mr Morsi’s government, the Brotherhood has always technically been a banned organisation – it was officially dissolved by Egypt’s military rulers in 1954 – but it recently registered itself as a non-governmental organisation.

via BBC News – Egypt crisis: Cairo mosque ‘cleared’ after siege.

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