America Is Crumbling And Sinking Are You Ready? Will You Take A Hard Look Past the Lies & Deceit Of Normalcy?

So here we go!  We have a government turned completely inside out, upside down and crumbling like an earthquake ravaged city.  And yet on the outside looking in everything appears normal.  In 2010 the American people rallied and turned a democratic congress around to what they thought would work for the people.  In just 3 short years the whole of congress has caved and now run the house and senate like zombies.  Very few are speaking the truth and warning.  And they are silenced as well.  Look at Michelle Bachman, and Rand Paul.  Even they have turned silent.  John McCain has completely turned and now follows the communist,marxist,socialist,islamists into their web of destruction and ruin.

The activists who are speaking out are being attacked regularly as evidenced by the recent attack on Doug Hagmann and now the attacks on activists with setting them up to appear they are involved in Child pornography.  Websites are being attacked on a daily basis.  The NSA scandal has reached not only the American public but the world.

But yet for the sheeple it appears business as usual.  This is done, to keep everyone asleep and passive until the end when they can declare a state of emergency and haul everyone into the camps for re-education or execution.  Sound crazy, well it’s not.  People have been warning for years this would happen, they were labeled crazy.

Take this simple analagy:  A drug addict or abuser will keep the outside appearance of his home as business as usual so as not to attrack attention to himself.  Look at the recent news about the man who kept those girls in his basement in abuse it was even said his neighbors had BarBQues at his house and knew nothing was wrong!  This is exactly what is happening with the evil that has overtaken America!  They are keeping the outside business as usual.  People are going about their daily business and refuse to look inside the house to see the crumbling destruction, degradation and evil inside.

It’s too late to turn things around, evil has entered the very core of America and it is rotten from the inside out.  It’s sinking, and it’s sinking fast.  The watchmen and the awake, are heading for their life jackets, and the life boats.


The rest are dancing in the streets and applauding and affirming the degradation and debauchery that is crumbling the very ground we stand on.  The words God gave Jeremiah are ringing very true today:  ‘Do not pray for this people, I will not hear you.’  God is not on his throne celebrating because we have miraculously awakened to the gifts he gave us of sodomy, murdering the unborn, and supporting false gods and terrorists.  I know that many churches today are affirming this behavior but God is not celebrating nor is he sending blessings for our sins.  We have had many warnings and we continue to ignore, we continue to say your laws are too confining for our society today, and we’re changing them.  We are only going to use the ones we deem appropriate.  Remember Noah, Remember Lot, Remember Rome?  God does not remain silent forever.

The amount of churches that have either gone completely silent or gone the way of Cain is outstanding.  While they were blinded this evil has overtaken the country.  We have no more checks and balances in our government.  The Judicial system has gone completely wild, the executive branch is no longer recognizable.  Remember this:

This idea didn’t die because this man was chased from the White House.  It actually grew, it grew in secret in the dark, much like mushrooms grow.  How about this?

That video was made 3 years ago, see how far we’ve come!  It’s time to prepare, time to wake up, decide who you will follow, God or man, prepare spiritually, mentally and physically.  Wake up, circle the wagons, and as the Bible say’s  in Isaiah 26:20-21  ‘Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you;  hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past.  For behold, the Lord comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;  the earth will also disclose her blood, and will no more cover her slain.’

Remember we have the promise from God that the Angels of the Lord encamp round about those who fear Him.  So quit looking at the mirage they have built to keep up appearances and wake up to the realization that we have fallen, we have been judged, weighed in the balance and have been found wanting.  Nothing will remain hidden, America is crumbling and sinking, turn to the only power that can bring peace.   

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  1. I see lot of “christians” who support gay marriage,one even wrote on a site i’ve been to how he was very sad that his home state banned gay marriage and that that’s unbiblical.No fool,suppoting sodomy is unbiblical! And there is no such thing as pro-abortion christians! We are redefining the meanings! “do not pray for these people i will not hear you”.Amen


  2. God is changing the earth to his liking and when it is written to take on the whole armour of God and to stand and again it says having done all ,to stand…The world is shifting at the hand of God and it’s best to stand strong in him and not the worlds ways.(Ephesians 6:13-19)……….I have to say that picture of the building toppling is scary to look at!God Bless this site of truth,THE TRUTH that will stand forever!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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