Heartbreaking Videos Of Forced Marriages,Child Abuse, And Hatred

This first one will break your heart.  It’s from an 11 year old girl who fled a forced marriage.  Pray for these children.

This next one actually broke my heart.  The hatred that is spewed from this cleric should cause anger in me, but it only causes pain.  I can clearly see how distraught these worshipers are, and they are actually pleading with their god to have mercy and inflict injury and illness to their enemies.  It’s so sad.  If they would turn to God instead of this false god they would have comfort.  But instead they follow their father, the devil.  Who was a murderer and a liar from the beginning, the father of lies.  (John 8:44)

To the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, children are precious.  Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come unto me.’  This is child abuse!  And our president lauds the muslim brotherhood!  This next video shows they worship a different god then we do, and it shows the child abuse and human rights violations that obama is silent about.  And that doesn’t even cover the persecution of Christians.  They are big men when beating women and children and defenseless innocent citizens.  This is what obama has invited into our government and country.



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  1. Sorry i will not watch videos…that would be too much for me,i’ll probably end up depressed…there’s an amount of stress i can’t bear that easily,however my prayers go to women,girls in middle east and egypt.


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