Obamacare Could Push a Million People Onto Welfare

My comment:  This is very serious, I was just talking yesterday about this very thing.  No one will be able to afford the health insurance mandate, or at least millions won’t be able to, as they decimate employers and force them to decrease work hours.  And if you’ve looked at the income guidelines for free medicare etc.  you’ll see that this is very true.  And remember, free healthcare is what they really wanted, and to flood the system to break the economy of America.  Wake up it’s happening and more and more are awakening to this fact.

obama signs obamacare

Another wrinkle to the greatest legislative disaster in modern history is revealed in a new report called “Public Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Employment Lock,” excerpted by James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute. The “employment lock” concept is of particular interest. It seems that the desire to acquire health insurance is a significant factor in prompting many low-income people to seek employment, and by relieving that incentive, ObamaCare could prompt a lot of marginal employees to give up and slide into welfare dependency. It doesn’t help that entry-level labor is not exactly a seller’s market these days.

With all due caution about the difficulty of extrapolating their findings over a large population, the authors of the study extrapolated away, and the results were not pretty.

Read more: Vision to America.

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  1. Now when millions and millions slip into welfare dependency, they will microchip them… They follow their evil agenda, but God’s children know who wins in the end!!!!!

    Keep sharing the Good News!


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