Call To Prayer! : "61 Executions Since Iranian Elections"

My comment:  I now understand the dream I had a few months back.  This is just the beginning of this type of murder from Iran.  I was given a picture of what they are doing and asked to pray.  We need to increase our prayers for the people of Iran.  God sent a clear message to me what was going to happen, and instructed me to pray.  Please pray for these people.

Israel National News

Public Hanging in Iran

Public Hanging in Iran

Amnesty International

More than 60 Iranians have been executed since the recent presidential elections on June 14th, opposition and human rights activists told Arutz Sheva. Activists condemned the elections themselves as a “sham”, given that the Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ayatolla Khameini hand-picked the list of elligible candidates.

The number of those executed by the regime since the election now stands at 61, including 6 women and a young man who was just 15 at the time of his arrest. Executions in the cities of Ahvaz, Shahrekord and Karaj were carried out in full view of the public.

The wave of executions appears to belie predictions by some commentators that Iran is entering into an era of moderation after the election of Hassan Rouhani, hailed as a “moderate” by much of the Western media. Other commentators have noted that Rouhani is part of the ruling regime’s inner circle, – he was only allowed to run after a careful vetting process by the Supreme Leader – and dismissed his image as a “moderate” as little more than a ruse by the regime to buy more time as it continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Indeed, a 2006 article by The Telegraph reveals Rouhani’s penchant for manipulating western observers, noting the key role he played in hiding Iran’s secretive nuclearprogram from European inspectors.


In response to the executions, human rights activists called for a “#StopDeath” Twitterstorm, which had already begun by Sunday. Those calls followed a statement by Maryam Rajavi – President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran – in which she called upon the international community to take immediate action to stop the executions, which she described as an attempt by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameini to “prevent the appearance of  any rift after his great failure in the sham elections.”

Jacob Campbell, Co-Chairman of the Ashraf Campaign (ASHCAM), said: “As a human rights group, ASHCAM utterly condemns the recent wave of executions in Iran.

“But it would be a mistake to assume that this is merely a domestic issue for Iranians. The clerical regime’s apparatus of terror and repression extends well beyond Iran’s borders. This year alone, Tehran’s terrorist Qods Force has massacred 10 Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, Iraq, whose only crime was speaking out against the regime.

“Even leaving Iran is no guarantee of escaping the wrath of the mullahs.”

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  1. we are going to pray for Iran, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan this evening at our corp prayer meeting from 7-8pm Singapore time.


  2. Reblogged this on NoWorksSalvationApocalypseNow and commented:
    Christian persecution and the murder of all those that oppose tyranny is increasing at a rapid pace. I guess the Mahdi is coming out of the pit soon.


  3. I’m on board for prayer for these people sister…….The second I saw the picture of hangings I immediately thought of your dream you have posted on the dream & vision section here……God let’s his people know what is to come for to protect them.God Bless This Ministry which touches many!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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