Citizens Receiving Food Aid from Federal Gov’t Now Outnumber Full-Time Private Sector Workers


In response to Sarah Palin Weighs in on Yacht-gate:

The 2012 election proved to me that we reached a tipping point. Why SHOULD the Regime respect a citizenry that would reelect this corrupt, scandal plagued collectivist, with his reverse Midas touch, whose crowning achievement has been described by one of its architects as a “trainwreck” that now has over a dozen implementation failures.

Come on. I don’t care how weak a candidate Mitt Romney was – does a rational, well informed citizenry reelect such a person?

No, an irrational, on the dole, self-serving, badly informed citizenry does. Hence, the disrespect. I keep wondering when America will have had enough of the lies. Why should the Regime stop lying to our faces when most of the country seems to have no problem with it.

As noted, John Q Public has been reduced to “either a mouth to be fed, a pocket to be picked, or a political obstacle to be finessed, nothing more.”

Which brings me to the latest figures coming from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, revealing that the number of Americans receiving food assistance has surpassed the number of full-time private sector workers in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a total of 101,000,000 people currently participate in at least one of the 15 food programs offered by the agency, at a cost of $114 billion in fiscal year 2012.

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Photo credit to wikimedia Commons/Hat tip to JD

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