John McTernon’s Insights: The Meltdown Of Christianity In America & The West, Exodus International apologizes to ‘gay’ community

Exodus International

What we are now witnessing is the continued meltdown of Christianity in America and the West. The Church leaders throughout the West have surrendered to Islam. They are afraid to stand against Muslims and advancement of Islam in society. They are weak and powerless, and the key word is powerless. It is like the church has surrendered or been defeated by Islam. There are a few bright spots, but for the most part there is no courage to stand and preach the gospel.

The same has happened with homosexuality. It appears that the weakness to stand against Islam has now led to defeat in face of the homosexual agenda. The church is also AWOL and weak and powerless in face of homosexuality. Once again, there are a few bright spots, but the key is the lack of power in dealing with people bound in the sin of homosexuality. These two issues are taking over America, Islam and homosexuality show the absence of power amongst Christians and the leadership. This is a big test that is now showing just how powerless the modern Church is.

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    a man was raised by lesbians and talks about all the bad things he needed to go through his life living with them


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