SAY WHAT? Man found tied to a chair and decapitated, police suspect suicide | END TIME HEADLINES


The incident happened near 46th and Sheridan. Police say a woman who lives in the home found her husband dead in the garage. His hands and feet were tied and the body had been decapitated. Tulsa police told KRMG news the death was due to suicide. Cops gave no other details at the time but continue to investigate the matter. House near 46th and Sheridan KRMG


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3 replies

  1. this post was suppose to be on the beheaded one sorry people.


  2. The police here is NO HELP at all so I have learned this scripture well…….”Give us help from trouble:for vain is the help of man.(Psalm 60:11).

    When I watch a story of murder or any crime and at the end 9 times out of 10 they say to call crime stoppers or police.Sure I’ll get right on that……It’s such a joke at my house now when we’re watching the news I smile at my husband and say WAIT FOR IT…then they say please call crime stoppers or police Yada Yada.

    I went a couple times and they protect the criminals and the victim needs to arm themselves.Ever notice on the news they say police cannot release any info at this time………………no they need to figure out how to make it look like their doing their job.I have learned the truth that we are to pay our taxes so they get their check!!!

    Sound harsh……………..This is’nt for we have these people in place for our protection…….not to protect crime!(Maybe it’s just my town).
    Blessings to all Who Love the Lord the strength of our lives!


  3. Well, I agree sister, it will be like the ‘work place violence’ at Fort Hood, we all know what it was, but let’s not tell it!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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