White House argues for a new war–a prophetic buzz saw

The Daily Jot

The occupant of the Oval Office was interviewed by Charlie Rose of PBS about Syria. The exchange was an astounding mixture of duplicity and arrogance that is sure to involve the United States in yet another war in the Middle East where tax money and quite possibly American blood will be poured into the coffers of terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. The occupant made the audacious statement that unless you have sat in the White House Situation Room, you cannot understand the complexity of the situation. Maybe that’s why Benghazi went so wrong, the occupant went missing from the Situation Room for nearly 12 hours. But it gets worse as the interview proceeds.

He explained his Syrian strategy in one sentence: “Really, what we’re trying to do is take sides against extremists of all sorts and in favor of people who are in favor of moderation, tolerance, representative government, and over the long-term, stability and prosperity for the people of Syria.” The American people need to hold the occupant accountable on this statement. There are few organizations as extreme as the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. And that is where your tax dollar is going to end up. It ended up there in Egypt and Libya and the only credible opposition fighting force in Syria is supported by al Qaeda. This has been confirmed by al Qaeda and multiple credible news reports.

The White House strategy is in conflict with reality. The occupant is about to use your tax dollars to once again fund extremism. Yet the “president” says that he draws the distinction differently: “As I said before, the distinction I make is between extremists and those who are recognized in a 21st century world that the way the Middle East is going to succeed is when you have governments that meet the aspirations of their people, that are tolerant, that are not sectarian.” But the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to establish a worldwide caliphate where Islam is the religion and Sharia is the law. Al Qaeda is one military arm that will fight to do it.

In every instance of recent instability in the Middle East, the people have been stirred up for “democracy,” they get the ball rolling, the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda hijack the movement, overthrow the government with America’s help, put their “candidates” up for office, and “democratically” take control of the nation. The White House is complicit in destabilizing the Middle East using extremists. You are funding it. Our troops can’t have a warm breakfast and our kids can’t tour the White House, but we can give millions to Islamists. And if we disagree, our phone conversations and emails are being monitored. As Proverbs 29:2 says, “…when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” This must be stopped.

Have A Blessed And Powerful Day,

Bill Wilson

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