Sen. Boxer: Take Money To Build Border Fence And Spend It On Immigrant Healthcare

My comment:  And the award for the Sharpest pencil in the box goes to Boxer!

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California Senator Barbara Boxer has a great idea. Let’s take all that darn money away from border security and instead spend it on freebie healthcare for illegals. Great, huh?

This moron Democrat is planning on introducing an amendment to the Senate’s immigration bill that will redirect funds from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and spend it on entitlements to the illegals who will miraculously become full citizens with the Senate’s bill.

Current supporters of the amnesty bill claim that these new “citizens ” won’t be eligible for welfare and entitlements, but here comes Boxer to show us what Democrats really want to do. As it is, we already have illegals receiving $4 billion in government assistance a year. That will grow exponentially with this amnesty business.

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