‘National Blueway’ : Is The Federal Government Taking Over our Water Supply? ‘National Blueway’ & Agenda 21 What Do They Have In Common?

Ok, listen up, the government is pushing a bill through congress to allow it to take over our waterway’s. But guess what, after this bill, they won’t need to ask congress or anyone what they can grab!  This was issued in Feb.  and the next waterway to be grabbed is the White River in Arkansas and Missouri!  It’s called ‘National Blueway’, obama has made it his business to better our use of the Country’s waterways, because you see the States, can’t take care of theirselves, so the Feds will step in.  LAND GRAB 101.  This is very important, our waterways are our lifeblood.  Pay attention America!  Let’s break it down:

The definition of a Blueway according to wikilpedia:  A blueway or water trail is a water path or trail that is developed with launch points, camping locations and points of interest for canoeists, paddle boarders and kayakers. Blueways are typically developed by state, county or local municipalities to encourage recreation, ecological education and preservation of wildlife resources.

According to the National Park Service:   Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program has compiled a list of water trail resources, success stories, and statewide contacts for water trails.  According to the US Forest Service Website:

“The designation of the White River watershed as a National Blueway demonstrates the Obama Administration’s continued commitment to the protection of public and working lands that are crucial to the growth and revitalization of rural America,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “The resources made available through this designation will support and promote needed conservation efforts and bolster valuable economic growth and job creation in years to come.”

As part of the new White River National Blueway, USDA announced that in FY 2013, working with the Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts to establish priorities, it will commit more than $22 million to soil and water conservation in counties located within the White River Watershed through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. Approximately $13 million of those funds will be directed to pasture land to provide soil and water conservation needs that arose from the drought in 2012.

The Congressional Western Caucus is protesting this takeover of our Nation’s Water and wrote a letter to Secretary Ken Salazar in Feb. 2013 that included the following:“Water is the lifeblood of our communities, and it should be managed for the benefit of the community in a transparent fashion. While water law varies by region, non-navigable water is managed by the states, not the federal government.  Any designation by a federal agency that directly or indirectly attempts to manage the non-navigable headwaters of many of our nation’s rivers, would be a usurpation of state authority. We urge you to immediately withdraw Secretarial Order 3321,” Caucus Members wrote.

Who will run the new National Blueway’s?  Well take a look,  It will be a committee with someone from each of these:  Bureau of Land Management, NATIONAL PARK SERVICE (now run by the United Nations)  USGS, Bureau of  Indian Affairs, commissioner of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife, The asst.  secretary may also designate someone from policy and budget, or any other federal agencies they want.  Now take a look, I hear the saying:  ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’  HELLO!  The UN has taken over our National Parks, now they want to control our WATER too?!  These states are being promised money to give up their rights to their precious commodity of water!!  Remember the wild west where local wars were started over water rights?  Sounds all good and flowery, remember Agenda 21?(click to read)  If not, it’s time to learn about it. ,  also  Land grabs are not something new for Agenda 21.(click link to read)  Here is a short video on the takeover of our National Parks by the UN:

So, why are they doing this?  Simple they want to control the US under the New World Order.  Wake Up!

(Hat tip to Albert)

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  1. I’m working with a group that will present our county’s objections to the White River’s designation as a Blueway, which will affect both Missouri and Arkansas. We will speak at the quorum court next week (June 3, 2013). As I read more about what the USDA has already done to PRIVATELY owned farmland (and I only read information from the official usda and nsra sites, not from any conspiracy theory site) I am appalled. I’m a thirtysomething Christian, and I’m just now paying attention to what is happening to our nation. My fellow Christians DO NOT CARE because they have this impression that “getting involved in politics” is somehow being of the world and not Christ-like. Thanks for posting on this issue. Like Bonhoeffer, we are finding the majority of Christians are, sorry to say, acting like useful idiots.


    • Amen Jenny! And be sure and keep us posted on the meetings you attend. People will wake up one day in the middle of the beast kingdom they helped to bring about by their silence, and wonder what happened. God will not hold us blameless. God Bless you! And I’ve asked the question many times, Where are the Bonhoeffers today?



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