Don’t We Love Our Daughters? (Coach Dave Video)

This is a rare time where I have nothing to add or comment.  God bless Coach Dave for speaking out.  He’s right, he’s right, he’s right.  Of course he’s speaking to Dad’s as a father, but we as Christians need to speak out about this!

Published on May 21, 2013

As I look around America at the way we are permitting our daughters’ sexuality to be exploited, it’s time to ask ourselves if we truly love our daughters. Chivalry is not dead, and it’s time for we dads to step up and once again begin to instill dignity and modesty into our daughters.

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2 replies

  1. Unfortuantely,parents never talked to me about morality or sex,so i needed to go out and find my morality.Fortunately,GOD made me a new being because i wasn’t finding anything moral out there.Young women need God.


  2. if you love your daughters,sisters,female friends, you wil them to abstinate.Let me tell you something,it is not easy and being moral is not easy.But it’s not impossible.Recently i’ve heard of a few girls i know that are practicing sex before marriage.I’m sorry,but i don’t support them with that.Some of my associates is 19,pregnant,not married,her boyfriend and herself don’t have a job.How in the world are they going to take of that kid?? Purchase morality from God.Sex before marriage is wrong (I’m not talking about rape).I love that girl like a friend,but i also love God.


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