The Watchman’s Cry Is Going Throughout The Land

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Nahum 1:3

The Lord is slow to anger but great in power;
the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished.
His way is in the whirlwind and the storm,
and clouds are the dust of his feet.

Nahum 1:9

Whatever they plot against the Lord
he will bring[a] to an end;
trouble will not come a second time.

Nahum 1:11

From you, Nineveh, has one come forth
who plots evil against the Lord
and devises wicked plans.

Jeremiah 7:16

“So do not pray for this people nor offer any plea or petition for them; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you.

Jeremiah 30:12-13

“This is what the Lord says:“‘Your wound is incurable,
your injury beyond healing.
13 There is no one to plead your cause,
no remedy for your sore,
no healing for you.

Ezekial 14: 12-21

The word of the Lord came to me: 13 “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people and their animals, 14 even if these three men—Noah, Daniel[a] and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.

15 “Or if I send wild beasts through that country and they leave it childless and it becomes desolate so that no one can pass through it because of the beasts, 16 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved, but the land would be desolate.

17 “Or if I bring a sword against that country and say, ‘Let the sword pass throughout the land,’ and I kill its people and their animals, 18 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if these three men were in it, they could not save their own sons or daughters. They alone would be saved.

19 “Or if I send a plague into that land and pour out my wrath on it through bloodshed, killing its people and their animals, 20 as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, even if Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, they could save neither son nor daughter. They would save only themselves by their righteousness.

21 “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: How much worse will it be when I send against Jerusalem my four dreadful judgments—sword and famine and wild beasts and plague—to kill its men and their animals!

Jesus mentioned Jonah, Lot, and Noah in his warnings of the end time.  Lot and Noah are clear.  The land was so wicked that God destroyed the Earth with a flood.  And in the days of Lot Sodom was so wicked and there was not even 10 righteous men found there.  So he saved Lot and his family, although Lots wife perished because she disobeyed God, they were taken to safety while God rained down fire and brimstone on the city, destroying all even animals.  Now Jonah, you have to think a bit.  Jonah was punished by God because he didn’t want the ninevites to repent and be saved, so he ran from God when he sent him to preach repentance to the ninevites.  Their judgement had already passed.  God sent the prophet Jonah to them to warn them their judgement was passed and would be destroyed if they did not turn back to Him and repent.  Well, when Jonah finally got there they repented and were saved.  So why did Jesus say that an evil generation who wanted signs would only receive the sign of Jonah?  Because God has sent prophets and watchmen even to America to warn that judgements have be decreed, and destruction is coming.  And do we turn around and repent?  No it get’s worse.  As a nation, our leaders are godless, and thumb their nose at God.  And don’t even try to tell me that our president is a Christian, Matthew 7:16  ‘By their fruit you will recognize them.’  Let’s look at our leaders fruits:  quote: ‘Planned Parenthood isn’t going anywhere, God bless planned parenthood.’  When a basketball player came out last week and announced to the world he was gay, our president said ‘I’m proud of you’ and the first lady tweeted.  ‘I’ve got your back.’ They celebrated this.  So do you think we can recognize their fruits?  Yes but they are not God’s fruits.  That’s just 2 instances there are many!

Whether you want to admit it or not, it is possible to shipwreck your faith, as the above verses suggest, God is patient and slow to anger, but when you declare war with Him, you cross a line.  We have declared war against God, there is not even a hint of saying ‘I’m sorry, I realize now that these are not in line with God’s teachings and as a nation, let’s pray and repent.  We need a Jehoshaphat, one who calls the nation together for fasting and prayer, but instead we got the Pharaoh who enslaved the Israelites.  You know the one whose heart God hardened.   God has turned us over to a wicked King.  We got just what we deserve.  When he was re-elected by most of the people in this nation, and flew full speed ahead into dismantling our morals, and beliefs, we crossed that line with God. 

I know it, you know it, and so do all the other watchmen, and prophets of the day.  We are all warning, and few are heeding.  It breaks my heart.  Because now we are hearing the words, “Don’t pray for this people or offer any petition, I will not listen.”  Judgements have come and gone, and still we worship other god’s, we bow to man, we commit murder in the land, we commit sodomy, and the list goes on and on, and we celebrate it.  Destruction is next, are you ready?  Jesus, say’s my yoke is easy and my burden is light, will you accept Him?  He can save you from the coming destruction.  Jesus said it will be worse than anything in history and never will be repeated again.  He wants all to come to Him, He wants none to perish, will you come?  Or will you go down with the ship?

God’s battle lines have been drawn.  His cry from His watchmen are going out.  Will you heed the warning and come to Him?  Or will you continue down the wide easy worldly path and go to your destruction with the world and Satan.  Think long and hard my friends, you don’t want to make the wrong choice.  Start giving serious consideration to what God wants from you.  He’s coming, He’s Close, Can you Feel Him?

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  1. whenever i have visions from God i never see any of my family members saved in the day of destruction.My gradma offered my mother a prayer to pray and she just rolled her eyes.No member of my family is reasonable enough to accept Jesus.I pray God when my family and other people are company,that somebody doesn’t mention God or make them angry because they would curse God.That is sooooo embarrasing.Seriously,i was satanist and i don’t remeber cursing God.
    People need to repent.



  1. Ezekiel 21 — The Lord Has Now Drawn His Sword! | The Voice of Warning

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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