When Times Get Tough Pray!


Times are hard in this country and the world.  Economic hard times have hit the whole world.  I find myself praying more and more for people everywhere.  We should always keep our focus on God, and prayer, but when times get tough, that’s when we have to just say ‘I Trust You Lord, I may not understand, but I trust you.’  It’s very hard sometimes, but God knows what we need, before we ask.  Sometimes it takes a little longer than we would like for God to work things out, but there’s a lot behind the scenes we don’t know about.  When praying for a new job, He’s working on it.  Trust Him.  I read a story once that stuck with me, I don’t even remember where I read it.  It was about a missionary in Africa I believe.  She was running a orphanage, I believe.  Anyway they had sickness going through their camp, and was in need of hot water bottles.  One of the children said to her, ‘you have told us to ask God for whatever we need, so let’s ask God for water bottles.’  The child was full of faith, and excitement, because she knew God would give them the hot water bottles.  The missionary knew that it would take at least a month to ship something to them, so she was a little disheartened.  So she prayed, and the next day a box arrived and it was full of hot water bottles, and even toys and dolls for the children.  That little girl was elated, and the missionary was renewed.  She said yes, God knows what you need before your going to need it.  This story has brought me comfort.

Jesus tells us that whatever we ask for in His Name will be given.  And where one or more are gathered there he will be also.  So I wish to say a prayer for my brothers and sisters who are struggling day to day to survive.  Not only in this country but everywhere.  And when you pray, thank God always, and give Him the Glory.  Always in His will not ours.  Expect a miracle and believe that it’s on the way.  Sometimes I’ve gotten antsy waiting for my answer, sometimes, I’ve looked up and screamed HELLO!  I’m still here, and I need you right now!  That’s ok too, just don’t ever doubt, or lose faith.  Expect a miracle and thank Him.

There are times I say the Lord’s prayer in my sleep.  I’ll wake myself up saying it.  I try to stay in a constant state of prayer anymore.  Keep your heart in that mode, and God will know.  I saw a picture today that said, Lord if I can’t say the words, know that with every beat of my heart and every breath I take, I’m praying and thinking of you.  And this is perfect.  Jesus said “Seek the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness first and everything else will be given you.”  So as you drift off to sleep or whenever you think about it, say a little prayer for all of our brother’s and sisters who are struggling, whether they struggle for their life, or a job, or their very existence, say a little prayer.  This is for my prayer request friends and brother’s and sisters.

Father we want to thank you first and foremost for all of the blessings you send our way, our friends, and your word, and promises.  We ask for you to send the Holy Spirit into our lives to strengthen us, protect us, and guide us.  We ask your protection from the evil one, we ask for forgiveness of our sins, there are many now who need to find work, many who need protection and deliverance, we know that you are ever present and will be with us even to the end.  We ask that you send people and caring hands into our lives.  Help us to grow in our love for you.  Thank you Father, In Jesus Name Amen.

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  1. I find myself praying more and more for people everywhere. – same here



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