We will be judged by our silence

LGBT pride flag

By Douglas J. Hagmann/ Hagmann & Hagmann

27 March 2013: What we are seeing today in the fight for “equal rights” by homosexual activists is the culmination of an agenda that was set in motion more than a half-century ago.  Before you can fully understand and appreciate what is taking place today, you must first understand that you are being lied to, hoodwinked and manipulated into the erroneous belief that the issue is about “civil rights” or “equal rights.” It’s not. It’s a deliberate perversion of the moral integrity of our society to advance a much larger and more nefarious agenda.

The Progressive homosexual agenda

The Progressive homosexual agenda is a tool of those who are seeking the destruction of America. The activists hypnotized by the illusion of equal rights are nothing more than pawns duped into believing they are fighting for tolerance and inclusion, while the end game scenario leaves no room at the proverbial table for them. What is taking place today is the systematic destruction of a nation from within, and is insidious in nature and effectiveness by its simplicity. It is a tactic that uses the pretext of tolerance to break down our cultural standards of morality. You might be surprised to learn that presenting homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy” was identified as one of the goals of the Communist agenda for the takeover of America as read into the United States Congressional record on January 10, 1963 by Rep. A. S. Herlong of Florida. Of course, the mere mention of such an inconvenient truth will earn you the title of conspiracy nut within the corporate media.

If that premise is so far-fetched, one must ask how a mere 3.8% of the U.S. population who identify themselves as homosexuals, bisexuals and “transgendered” are able to wage such an effective campaign to redefine the morality of our nation. And even that number is arguably generous as it includes all natures of behavior that do not fit within the definition of traditional heterosexual behavior. So, how is it possible that such a small percentage of our population is able to polarize a nation?

The answer is simple. The homosexual agenda is an extremely well-organized, well- funded initiative to destroy our core moral values, redefine what is healthy and normal, and to erode our Judeo-Christian values for a greater purpose. Much like the feminist movement of the 1960s, it is simply one battle of a larger war against America.

A brief look back

Historically, the practice of homosexuality has been a condemned practice. Many wish to forget that the source of the term sodomy, for example, originates from the city of Sodom, which experienced a sudden municipal redevelopment in biblical times based on the activities of its inhabitants. Nonetheless, many Americans, especially Christian conservatives, pastors, ministers and priests choose to embrace man’s law rather than the Judeo-Christian principals upon which this country was founded.

But those who choose to do so will find similar references, including the statement by former Supreme Court Justice Warren E. Burger who stated, ” [T]o hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.”

However, we need not look to biblical times to see just how far the infection of immorality has spread. Just a generation ago, a young man or woman in high school would have been expelled if they were caught with a condom. Today, they are distributed by our public schools, in some areas as part of a larger federal “health resource” mandate. The same principles apply to the traditional values of marriage.

The fight for the recognition of homosexual marriage rights is not about equal rights, but the promotion of special rights. It’s not about civil rights, but about moral wrongs. It’s not about tolerance, but redefining the traditional moral values of our nation. It is a perverse and sustained assault against our culture.

As the arguments continue before the Supreme Court, those who choose silence over vocal opposition are complicit and will be held accountable for the violation of our values and for the fate of our nation. Recognize this assault on our nation for what it is, and the doors to the further erosion of our values this will open. Tolerance of an immoral behavior becomes itself immoral. Therefore, we will be judged accordingly by our silence.

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  1. What a beautiful website – thank you so much!


  2. The original ‘Manchurian Candidate’ premiered in 1962. John Frankenheimer was the homosexual director and Frank Sinatra the frightened candy-date. Frankenheimer also directed ‘Seven Days in May’, based on Sinclair Lewis’ 1934 novel ‘It Can’t Happen Here’. There was a covey of homosexuals were in both movies.
    Why would a brilliant FL senator mention this in Congress? Was it a warning sign of the advent of swishing communism? If one digs deeper, Hollywood homosexuality was a fifth column in the 70’s. Now, more homos are the vanguard in America and more numbers than true Christians.

    Albert, www


  3. I read that in average homosexuals have 4 times more sexual partners throughout their lifetime than heterosexuals.Talk about immorality….


  4. Reblogged this on God's Enduring Love and commented:
    Previous to Hawaii legalizing civil unions, thousands of Christians participated in rallies at our State Capitol, wrote to our legislators and wrote letters to the editor. Some like myself, wrote to leaders of churches who support the LGBT movement- to no avail. In 2003, Hawaii’s then Episcopal Bishop Richard Chang cast his vote to approve the first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. Since then Episcopal, Unity, and United Church of Christ denominations, and other ‘Christian’ churches and religious groups affiliated with the Interfaith Alliance and ecumenical groups have ‘spoken up’ for the cause of Equality, thereby supporting immorality which contributes to the increasing breakdown of society. For those ministers who support civil unions and same sex marriages, thus giving approval to homosexuality and sodomy and other unnatural sexual practices, I suggest that they throw away their Bibles since they do not agree with the God of the Holy Bible, especially the verses in Ezekiel 3:18, 20; 33:8 where God will hold them accountable for the people who were not warned about their sin, that their blood will be upon their hands!


  5. Outstanding my friend! Apathy is not a solution to ongoing attacks to the Word of God rather it is cowardice at its best. Yes, those who hide behind the bleachers of protection will soon have to stand before the Almighty and answer for inaction.


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