Passover: Freedom for the Nation of Israel!


By United With Israel

Passover commemorates our freedom from slavery and the birth of the Jewish nation: A healthy, liberating experience for both the body and the soul of the People of Israel.

Our ancient customs at the Seder and the special foods we eat – tell the amazing story of our freedom. And they help us to re-enact those precious moments of liberation, some 3300 years ago.

Marror (bitter herbs) remind us of the harshness and bitterness of slavery. Matzoh, the “poor man’s bread” that we ate as slaves, transforms itself, during the Seder, into the bread of redemption. The four cups of wine are drunk while reclining like kings – a royal beverage celebrating our newly found freedom. The Exodus experience is as alive today as it ever was!

israel_flagThe modern day story of our freedom began in 1948 – just 3 years after the horrors of the Holocaust. With the birth of the State of Israel, the Jewish people, after 2000 years, were blessed with the freedom to exist proudly and independently as the Nation of Israel – reborn in its ancient homeland.

idf_boysHowever, even today, our freedom comes with a steep price. Israel stands alone as a beacon of light in an unfriendly region that threatens its very existence. The price of our freedom is a strong military with dedicated soldiers who are willing to put their lives on the line for the citizens of Israel.

soldiers_seder_pessahThe young men and women of the IDF risk their lives to defend our freedom every day. Passover, the holiday of freedom, is the ideal time to express appreciation to Israel’s freedom fighting soldiers for the holy work that they do.

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