Life as an investigator is like a box of chocolates Part 1

“My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, even though his feet were found to be barely touching the floor when he was discovered.  Very strange.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

21 March 2013:  The following is a true story. You’ll really just have to “trust me” with this one – and stay with me through all the twists and turns the following account has to offer. There are many, to be certain. If you’re like me, you might want to save this information, read it more than once, allow it to sink in. I had to. After you fully grasp the content, you might never look at certain things, people and even your own belief system the same way again. Note: this was first published by Steve Quayle here.  The following is an updated and slightly expanded version.

Part  I: How it began

An investigator friend was telling me a story to which I found easy to relate. He began,  “One time, I left home on a lazy Saturday evening to grab some comfort food.  I told my wife ‘I’ll be right back,’ as my dog, having heard the car key’s jingle, dutifully pushed his way through the door to assist me on my mission.  He instinctively knew I’d forget his doggie treats if he wasn’t right there to help me. Minutes later, as I was walking out of the store with my booty, I saw a man whom I’d been searching for as the subject of a complex embezzlement scheme.  He was walking to a rented moving van and towing his classic car on a trailer behind it. Nine days and 3500 miles later, I’d completed my field work and handed the investigation over to several federal agencies for what had now become a federal case.”

My friend continued: “I returned home to my very distraught bride of six months.  We were supposed to have left on our already twice-delayed honeymoon cruise the previous Sunday morning. We didn’t have cell phones in those days, and I didn’t have a radio in my personal car; my handheld was on the charger at home when I’d gone on my quick trip. My first call came during a brief fuel stop at four o’clock the next morning.  The hurried explanations fell on incredulously deaf ears–between her astonished and uncharacteristically numerous expletives. For some months I’d been telling her, ‘Third time’s a charm.’  Guess I was wrong, again!  She was not amused.”

He concluded his hour-long story stating very matter-of-fact: “I guess I sort of. . . understand why she divorced me. . .I sure do miss her.” He then proceeded to explain how this life lesson had led him to understand one of his manyLaws of Investigationswhich, like a box of chocolates, were offered in no particular order and are only predictable by their unpredictability.

I then proceeded to break what is now one of “my” laws:  “Never ask this guy a question without having first taken a bathroom break!”   He tends to be pretty long-winded; but the stories are generally worth it. So, I asked, “What are some of the other laws you’ve come up with?”  I knew the moment the words came out of my mouth, I should have restricted my question to just one law—hard to do with good chocolates.

Belief is the driver of action

Without breaking stride he says, “Belief is the driver of action,” and proceeded into another long and winding story in order to give me his historical rationale for the law.

“About 20 years ago. . .”  (Oh, boy!  My first clue.  This was gonna take awhile!)  “I had recently completed my latest physics project at a location that uses a number for a name. A colleague from my time was an Air Force OSI agent, specializing in advanced sciences and technology.  He had heard I was heading to England for a long overdue vacation and asked me if I’d volunteer to help him while I was there. He needed a witness on a simple mission to collect some evidence.  Unwittingly, I said, ‘Sure, no problem.’   (Oh nuts!  I’d just violated a law every service member knows all too well:  NEVER VOLUNTEER!   The smallest chocolates are always the ones with the nuts, usually).”

My friend continued his recollection of events. “We went to a private city within the city.  Security was well concealed, but omnipresent to a trained eye. We went to a private office and met with a man whom I later came to know as a member of one of the wealthiest families on the planet. He talked with us briefly about funding for a scientific investigation my friend was going to pursue. He invited us to dine with him at his residence later in the evening. In the interim my friend proceeded to tell me how the man had apparently had an NDE (near death experience) during a medical procedure. He’d apparently had a Pauline-like angelic encounter, during which ‘opaque and serpent-like scales’ had fallen from his eyes in the presence of a Divine Messenger! Layer after layer of lies and deceptions dissolved before him. At its conclusion, he came to believe his entire life was one big rubber-band roll of tangled lies—every new one bigger than the last. He’d resolved to turn to a new ‘way’ and set out to change his life; and the world.”

“After dinner, we collected blood, tissue, hair and oral swabs. He’d recently had a dental procedure and had saved a tooth, which he dutifully preserved in a small paper bag in his freezer. I videotaped the collection process as the evidence was bagged and tagged.”

My investigator friend continued his narrative: “On the plane ride back stateside, my friend, who at the time was one of the most knowledgeable DNA researchers on the planet, pulled out the biggest piece of mental jerky I’ve ever gnawed on! His benefactor/test-subject ‘believed’ that, while most of the ‘Sons of Adam’ had double-stranded DNA, he had been told by his family that he and his blood relatives were distinctly different and that he, like his fathers before him, had triple-stranded DNA. He wanted my friend to secretly prove once and for all if this was true… or not. The subject claimed that his extended family and their cousins who are kings, queens, princes and princesses as well as leaders of industry and banking worldwide, believe they are children of an other-worldly race of ‘Humanoid Beings.’ He’d been taught by his tutors that once upon a time, his ancestors had fallen to earth after some cosmic calamity in the time before the Garden. He believed that while their ‘Ancestral Mother’ was Eve, their ‘Ancestral Father’ was not Adam!  He was torn to know if a ‘Child of Cain’ was actually genetically different and whether he could he be saved!”

“My friend never got the money for his investigative research as the donor was found dead in his apartment a short while later. The death was ruled a suicide by hanging, even though his feet were found to be barely touching the floor when he was discovered.  Very strange.”

“My friend’s wife gave me all of his research and notes upon his own untimely death some years later, leading me to bite into another chocolate in the ‘Law of Investigation’s” box:  ‘Fact is often stranger than fiction!’”

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  2. Praise God! Thank you for this work! Please also some information on the semenancy crisis. God Bless You!

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