Israel to America: We feel your pain, we are one family – Israel today

Israeli leaders on Sunday spoke on behalf of an empathetic nation when they told the people of America that Israel feels their pain following last week’s massacre of 26 school children and their teachers.

In a video posted to YouTube , Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent the following message to President Barack Obama, the grieving families and all Americans:

“The people of Israel grieve with you. When we see these horrible sights of slain children, young boys and girls whose life is nipped in the bud in such cruel acts of savagery, I can tell you from my own experience that we understand the pain and agony. We feel we’re one family with you, and I can only pray that God will give you the strength, as he’s given us, to overcome the tragedy and go on living.”

In an earlier letter to Obama, Netanyahu noted that Israel is all too familiar with this brand of tragedy, and so can fully appreciate the emotions most Americans are feeling today.

Israeli President Shimon Peres also wrote to Obama, stating that, “Our thoughts and prayers are with you…[the] collective heart of the people of Israel” grieves together with America.

Prominent opposition politician Tzipi Livni sent her condolence letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying, “I grieve, along with my fellow Israelis, the loss of so many lives of innocent men, women and children. …The human soul refuses to comprehend these images of bloodshed and grief.”

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