But Mr. president, you said Al-queda was decimated, dead, gone. You told another whopper?

Car bombing in Homs

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood Slams US Terror Label on Al-Nusra

By Chana Ya’ar   The Syrian branch of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood slams America for adding radical Al-Nusra Islamists to list of terror organizations.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood chapterhas slammed the United States State Department for adding the Al-Nusra group to its list of outlawed terrorist organizations.

An official in the Brotherhood said Tuesday the U.S. had made a “very wrong” decision by designating the Al-Nusra Front rebel group as a terrorist organization.

The radical Islamist Syrian opposition group, which allegedly has ties to the international Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, was designated as a “foreign terrorist organization.”

The, group which appears to be connected with the Al-Qaeda branch in Iraq, has claimed responsibility for numerous suicide and other bombings in Aleppo,Damascus and Homs.

Al-Nusra is a leading member of a group of 13 radical Islamic groups that issued a statement posted on a jihadist website declaring Aleppo to be a new, independent Islamic state in Syria.

The group is also referred to as Jabhat al-Nusra, and as Ansar al-Jebhat al-Nusra li-Ahl al-Sham (“Supporters of the Front for Victory of the People of Syria.”) Al-Nusra has referred to the United States and Israel as the “enemies of Islam” and has attacked the religious beliefs of non-Sunni Muslims in Syria, including Alawites.

Source Arutz Sheva

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