My Notes on “The Coming is Upon Us” Should We Be Worried?

I first brought this video with an article titled “Iran Aims BiologTical Warheads at Israel”.  I have put together a few notes and I’d like to go over them.  If you haven’t watched the video you can watch it here now.

I’m assuming that all have heard Ahmadinejad spouting his swill, at the UN and other places that the savior of the islamic faith is soon to arrive, and it is their job to hasten the appearance.  The Shiite’s (of which Ahmadinejad is)  believe  in much the same way as Revelation teaches only it is backwards, and a complete mirror image.  They the believe the beast out of the sea in Revelation chapter 13 is a good beast, and they are suppose to run to it and take the mark!  Hello!  But their beliefs is not exactly what this is about.  If you have questions leave them in the comments and I will refer you to teachings about this.

This video gives evidence from the Hadith(sayings of Mohammed) as to what to expect in the end times and immediately prior to his return.  One thing I found intriuging was the statement they made at the beginning, and if I heard it right, they said that it was difficult for the prophet to analyze and predict events in the future!   This alone should be enough  to make even the illiterate take a step back!  Remember Satan is not all powerful and all knowing.  So it makes sense that his prophets wouldn’t be able to prophesy accurately!  Ok, I’m  going to number the events as I heard them, then we’ll see if any are fulfilled.  I AM NOT ONE BIT BELIEVING THESE PROPHECIES!  But I think it’s important to know what they are thinking and what they believe.  Remember one day we will  have to decide between antichrist and Christ.  So the truth will set you free.

1.)  People will rise from the east preparing the way.

2.) Earthquakes, sedition, worst kind of human leaders.

3.)  Women won’t wear the Hijab

4.)  Adultery will run rampant  (although I don’t know how they could tell the difference between this and their marriage practices.)

5.)  A nation from the East will rise and prepare the way.

6.)  Increase in wars ( And I found it interesting that they considered all modern wars in this as far back as WWl, and they say the war in Iraq was predicted also)

7.)  Iraq will serve as the Mahdi’s capitol

8.)  The first soldiers of the Mahdi will reach Mecca from Yemen.  Now best I can figure they tie this in with Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon, they say he is from Yemen.

9.)  They say the uprisings in Egypt were predicted, but they say that the people will rise up against the ruler and the ruler will be killed.  They said this was fulfilled.  But they didn’t kill Mubarack.  So could this be referring to Morsi and the current uprising?  Time will tell.

10.)Palestine will be the center of disturbance.  Arabs will be separated and not united.  Well I guess you could say that is happening.  Gaza on one side, PLO on the other, and they certainly are disturbing!  And they say they will conquer the land of Palestine!

11.)  The black flags will fly, and the Annihilation of Israel will be first!

12.)  Events in Saudi Arabia they say will happen is that King Abdullah will die  and this will signal the imminent return.  There will also be uprising in Saudi Arabia.

13.)  Revolution in Iran with a man from qom

14.)  They say that Hezbollah will unite with Iran to bring this about

15.)  The Ayatola Khomeni (sp?) will hand the black flag off to the commander of the Army, and they say that Iran has the biggest army in the world and that even the west is afraid to go against it.

16.)  Jerusalem will be conquered

They say alot of other things about freemason’s and the bohemian grove meetings and alot of other theories, don’t know if this was in their little book of prophesy or if they just made this up as they went along.  But you see the picture here.  Can you see why these people are so dangerous?  Can you see how the events in the middle east are transforming everything?  These people intend to take over the world, and they are doing everything they can to see that it happens.  And I believe our president is helping them.  Just one other side note, not all in the middle east are shiite, but they will unite under one flag to dominate the world and destroy Israel, or so they think.  I wonder if we should tell them God has other plans?  Again I think this bears a watchful prayerful eye.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  God Bless you and guide you in your search for the truth.

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