Can you believe this?

I first saw this on Glen Beck TV the blaze.  Then I found it here at Israel Matzav.  It’s incredible, and I know I’ve read and seen things like this in the past.  It is incredible that we have forgotten what Hitler did, as he did the same things.  This is a picture that surfaced today, trying to paint Israel bad.


Fauxtography, Hamas style

The picture on the right was tweeted by Hamas’ al-Qassam brigades Twitter account. It was designed to arouse sympathy for the father and the dead child he is holding.
There’s just one problem.
As the picture on the left shows, the child was actually killed in Syria on October 25.
When it comes to Hamas, you have to believe me and not your lyin’ eyes (Hat Tip: Mrs. Carl).

Categories: islamists, Whoppers

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