“The times they are a changin”

I never, ever thought I’d live to see the day that so many of the Bible’s prophecies are coming true.  6 years ago when we started our intense studies of prophecy, we actually set out to prove everyone wrong.  I was new age all the way, I spoke the talk and walked the walk, I started out with my god wouldn’t send anyone to Hell, and ended with there are many ways to Heaven.  Well God got the last laugh, because we found out everyone was right and we were wrong!  I was raised by a minister who taught prophecy ALOT from the pulpit.  I grew up thinking that Jesus was coming any moment.  But I gotta tell you I have never seen all the prophecies coming true like I see today.  I see Revelation opening up like a flower and it makes sense!!  That’s the scary part, it now makes sense.  Same with Daniel.  Reading Daniel is like reading the morning paper.  My heart breaks for all the persecution of Christians in the middle east.  Also with all the senseless killing in Syria.  The recent attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt made me physically ill!    I didn’t create this Blog to open a new debate forum, so I won’t be delving into interpretations of the scripture, I let the Bible and the Holy Spirit do my interpreting.  I expect everyone else to do the same.  There are alot of discussion forums that are very good ie Joel’s Trumpet.  There are also alot of very informative Blog’s like midnightwatchers, extinction protocol, prophesite, just to name a few.  I will from time to time share their posting’s on my facebook page:  I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.  A few months ago, while I was having my morning coffee, I felt God put it on my heart to “write letters”  I didn’t really know what that meant, after much prayer, I felt like God was telling me he wanted me to warn people of what is happening and what’s coming.  So I’ve been trying to do that without much success, I get alot of deer in the headlight looks, I get alot of rolling eyes, people laugh at me, and call me crazy, but God tells me to keep going.  I know he’ll take care of the who if take care of the what.  So, I’m writing letters, and sharing info just as fast as I can.  1 1/2 years ago, I had a dream.  I was looking at what I knew in my mind to be Jesus, and he was clearly distraught, eyes toward Heaven and he was in anguish, screaming.  I remember thinking, “Oh no I’m going to witness the crucifixion.  When he turned and looked right into my eyes, and said “I’m coming soon.!”  I woke up in a sweat, and I’ll never forget that dream.  So I’m trying to tell everyone, if your in that valley where you can’t quite decide whether or not you want Christ in your life, please decide NOW, and choose Him.  Simple really, just acknowledge that he died for your sins and ask him to come into your life.  I recite the Lord’s prayer alot during the day, and as I fall to sleep at night.   Please don’t wait too long, for time is short. Mark 13:29  When you see all these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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