” The Truth Of Gods Wisdom “

Many times did Jesus speak the truth of his Father and it caused the people to become upset, but just as today the truth is kept out of the churches as people fear being put out of their building and… Read More ›

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Update Pakistan The Death, Destruction & Injustice Continues

From Aljazeera: “Friday’s explosion is the second attack on a Shia mosque since Pakistani security forces stepped up operations against the Pakistani Taliban and its allies following a December attack on a Peshawar school.” (I Am Not Ashamed Of The… Read More ›

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Pakistani Protesters Attack Christian Boys School

(Voice Of The Persecuted) On Jan 7th, Islamic gunmen forced their way into the secular satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and carried out the massacre shouting “Allahu Akbar” meaning  “God is most great” during their attack, which ended with 17 killed, four at a kosher supermarket. The… Read More ›

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Have A Blessed Day: But Walmart Doesn’t Think You Deserve One!

This was shared on facebook today by Fox 5 news.  It’s time to speak up against those who wish to take our freedoms away.  Visit their facebook page (here) and like this post and share it.  We can top 800… Read More ›

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