” The Fruitful Field “

We are known as many things to the Lord like His sheep, watchmen, and even trees. Our Lord also is known as many things such as The Bread of Life, Our Shepherd, and The Tree of Life which one day… Read More ›


” In The Power Of His Name “

There is power in the name of Jesus and before He was lifted up to heaven His last message to the disciples was to preach there is remission of sins by repentance in His name among all nations, and to… Read More ›


” Jan’-nes And Jam’-bres “

Jan’-nes and Jam’-bres were two magicians who were known as the opponent of Moses that did enchantments and were called upon by Phar’-aoh, and when they threw down their rods which became serpents and Aaron threw down his we see… Read More ›


Forced To Flee Persecution Christians Continue To Suffer Unfair Treatment

(Voice of the Persecuted) Faisal was a hardworking employee who had been with the company for years. His attention to detail paid off as he successfully managed projects leading the team in the office. Happy with his work, the boss often praised him with a ‘job well… Read More ›

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