” Modern Day Babylon “

It is written that what has already been will be again. (Ecclesiastes 3:15). When we read of the destruction of Babylon it is compared to our modern day. Mystery Babylon spoken of in Revelation is the fall of all nations… Read More ›

How President Obama is Leading the Islamic Battle Against Western Civilization

This needs no further comment.  It speaks volumes.  And yes, soon there will be no one left to speak out. (Israel Video Network) Did Obama really ignore such obvious facts? Ben Shapiro, doesn’t get it. conservative American political commentator, talk… Read More ›

What Have We Become!? The SNL ISIS parody that sparked outrage

What in the world is wrong with Americans?  Why do they refuse to see what this is?  Could it be that our leader refuses to see, therefore the people are blinded?  This is outrageous, beyond words.  When President Obama started… Read More ›


The Remote-Controlled WAR

  The Remote-Controlled War   A global war is being conducted by remote control.   However, these drones and robots are not mechanical, made of fire and steel. They are spiritual and they fly with amazing speed and ability without… Read More ›

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