” The Great Sifting “

The saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is so true, and those who are battling the good fight of faith understand it is uncomfortable and at times dangerous to stand for what is right if others are fighting… Read More ›


” The Rebellion Of Man “

From the very beginning mans rebellion has separated him from God his maker, and it was the overthrow of the first earth age that God was grieved He created man whose mind was only set on evil with the exception… Read More ›

Nazi islam

Global Genocide? Second Holocaust? Spirit of Nazism Rising….

  NAZI ISLAM – SAME DEMONS – SAME GOAL   The spirit of Nazism is rising across the earth and even in America.  It goes by the name of islam. It is supported by the U.S. and its “allies”.  It… Read More ›


” Keep His Judgements “

Without the Spirit of the living God we could very well stay on the wide path leading to destruction, but it is His Spirit that keeps us in remembrance of His word and keeps us on the narrow path that… Read More ›

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