Peeling Back The Truth-Radicalized, Extremists, Or Islam,- Know The Truth

I have had many questions asked and many debates over Islam, Muslim vs. extremists.  Religion of peace or religion of hatred?   Or is it a religion at all.  I have done many posts on this and this is not… Read More ›


” All Power Christ Was Given “

Many know the passage of John 3:16 that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son and whosoever should believe on His name shall be saved. God extends this power He worked in Christ to those… Read More ›


Watchman’s Alert: On The Brink Of War

I know it’s thanksgiving, but there are things developing that we must pay attention to.  I just watched a news conference with President Hollande of France and Putin. France has sent the Charles de Gaulle warship, this in itself is… Read More ›



  Distancing themselves from the frivolousness of the day, persons who follow The LORD JESUS make it a habit to feast on sobriety and seriousness before HIM+ on Thanksgiving Day. . We recognize how easy it is for the cultural… Read More ›

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