” The Gathering Of The Scattered “

God always gathers His people to Him no matter where they have been scattered throughout the land. It is His promise we are given a heart to know and love Him, while others who choose a wrong path will receive… Read More ›


I Knew a Woman Who Died… and Came Back

 I+ AM the Resurrection and the Life. He that lives and believes into ME+ shall never die. . Truly, truly I+ say unto you, he that hears My+ Word and believes on HIM that sent ME+ has everlasting Life and… Read More ›

Calls For Martyrdom During Islam’s Holy Month

I have read many articles and facts about the Holy Month of Islam, and the Muslim faith.  As we all know Ramadan as it is called is a Holy month to Muslims a month of fasting and prayer for introspection… Read More ›


” Be Stedfast And Not Waivering “

To be strong in the Lord warrants one to be in opposition sometimes and even hated to stay stedfast as a Christian. When we go through trying times it strengthens us so down the road we have the ability to… Read More ›

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