ISIS Again Addresses “The Nation Of The Cross” As It Slaughters Ethiopian Christians In Libya

Yet again we see the slaughter of Christians by this demon possessed group claiming their religious kingdom.  And it took place yet again in Libya.  As the video they released addressed the Nation of the Cross, they promised perpetual conflict… Read More ›


President Obama Say’s “Never Again” While Genocide Of Christians Playing Out On His Watch

So our President stated that the world will be  more just, more free, and more secure for all humankind.  Really?  Is that why the Middle East is on fire, is that why the persecution and slaughter of Christians and other… Read More ›

isis horseback

ISIS Empire Continues To Grow & Thrive

For months now ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-queda, & Al shabob, most especially have formed a coalition government stretching from the Middle East to the Coasts of Africa. ISIS allegiances and coalitions strive for world dominance, and elimination of all Christians… Read More ›


Global Genocide? Is it Possible?

WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL NAZARENE   Genocide: “The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic or religious group or nation.” . We are seeing many sinister things taking place in this nation, the… Read More ›

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